Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Begins the Dog Days

Well, the fun part of Summer is over. Now it is just left to trudge through the rest of the Dog Days until Autumn comes a calling. Wow. That was cheerful. :P

The Fourth was nice. Quiet around here. We just chilled, did dogs on the Foreman and then watched the tube until it was time for fireworks. The city of Prescott put on a halfway decent display for a yukky podunk town. There were some pretty rockets and the show lasted twenty five minutes. The man made display was enhanced by great streaks of vertical and horizontal lightening. The sight of the huge balls of multicoloured sparkle back lit by the artistry of Mother Nature was a sight I have never seen before.

As the show ended and the traffic on Willow Creek Road swelled from near dead to a solid line of cars a man was walking up and down the road frantically calling for Bear. I assume his dog. It probably ran during the fireworks. I guess that he doesn't know that dogs should be indoors during fireworks. Well, most dogs should.

Sabryna was out on the deck with us during the display and she lay peacefully at my feet through the entire thing. Marley, who spent last Fourth of July hiding under the bed was up on the back of my sofa in the open window to the deck, separated from us by a mere screen. He stayed in place through the fireworks. They didn't bother either animal.

The thunder later at night, tho? Ha! It had them curled up together down the hall against the bathroom door. Like a couple of chickens. lol The thunder earlier in the day must have been what had Marley hiding under the bed during the day.

The man who lost Bear wasn't finished searching for him. At one thirty in the morning, he was back out, walking around screaming for the dog at the top of his lungs, over and over and over. Whistling and clapping and calling. At onefuckingthirtyinthemorning!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good golly! He finally left Willow Creek and faded off into the neighbourhoods down over the way. I hope that someone shut the idiot up. I get that he was frantic to find his dog. My dog is a member of my family and if she disappeared, I would be frantic to find her. But I wouldn't be walking through residential areas screaming for her at the top of my lungs at one thirty in the morning. He needs to give the dog a chance to calm down and maybe find his way home, then start checking the animal shelters and Animal Control. If he is diligent, he should find his dog. And I should be able to sleep.

So, Casey Anthony is found not guilty of killing her daughter. What. The. Fuck? I am unable to comprehend how anyone could believe that that baby died accidentally. And her body was disposed of in a fit of panic. No! When a child dies accidentally, parents panic by calling 911. Or they scream until someone comes to their aid. Or they try to give CPR or artificial respiration or they pick up the child, run for the nearest car and take the little one to the ER. They don't just throw the child's body away in the weeds, go party, get tattoos, get laid, participate in sexy body contests and lie about the child's whereabouts.

She was convicted on charges of lying to police. She could walk after sentencing. How long after she goes free until she births and kills another child? Anyone feel like taking bets?

Okay, I am going to go get a few things done. And I should make dinner.


  1. That was the first thing I said - was that she's going to go out and have another baby and live happily ever after - PISSES me off!

  2. Exactly my sentiments on this "woman's" case. I was utterly appalled, as was everyone else in the office. I feel bad for her father, for her brother whom she accused of the most vile and reprehensible acts possible in an effort to misdirect guilt. I feel sorry for the whole family for their loss of a grandchildren and feared loss of a daughter. I feel sorriest for a beautiful little innocent baby that had the misfortune to call this...this...whatever, a "mommy." I saw a video where grandpa gently moved Cayley away from a hot grill. I saw a happy girl dancing to the tunes in her head. I am heartbroken for them all...except for Casey Anthony. When she stands before God one day, I hope and pray that she will also see her daughter standing next to him.

  3. Our dog did pretty good with the fireworks this year. I don't understand bringing a dog to a fireworks display because most dogs are very afraid of loud noises like fireworks and thunder. So while I wouldn't have done the same thing as that guy, I can definately understand his panic and desire to find his dog.

  4. I don't get the trial either...but I will say this having sat on a jury for a minor crime where everyone on the jury said...I know this guy is shady and probably did it the evidence says he didn't so we had to vote not guilty. IT really stunk...I get the feeling that this jury did the same thing.


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