Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Late Night Misery

I knew better. I knew from the stiffness in my ankles and shins to take extra potassium. I didn't. And boy, did I pay for it. At one in the morning my left leg cramped in circular waves and spasms from my hip to my toes. I had to massage my leg and hip for a while before it finally loosened up and I could walk to my bathroom to get my potassium. I took two, then high-tailed it upstairs and grabbed a banana and ate that. This one-two punch always works to keep my legs from cramping, again.

At least both of them didn't go. That is really fun, let me tell you! :P

I recently read that pickles or pickle juice is even better than a banana for leg cramps. I'll have to remember pickles when I go shopping. A good reason to keep them around. Never mind I love the damned things and can down them by the jar.

I got a late start, this morning. I was up late, then awakened with the leg cramps, slept like shit the rest of the night and finally went into a deeper sleep, this morning. My widdle eyes are burning and my dark circles have dark circles. I look and feel like Aunt Hagatha. lol

I have had my morning coffee... Only one cup. Methinks a second is in order, my brain is still fuzzy as a stuffed panda. Oatmeal is eaten and water is headed down the gullet in fast order. *burp* I definitely am going to grab that second cup of java as soon as I wrap up this bit of natter.

What is today? Tuesday. I think I will jump on my scale on Friday. See how things are going. Hopefully, I am beginning to pick up some of my old momentum. I have lost about 120 pounds. But I still have, by my calculations, another 140 or so to go. This is doable. I just need to stay my course. Be committed and remember that this is for me.

And I am worth it! :D

I love this song. I listen to it often and the message is clear. If the F-bomb offends you, don't click play. This is the original version of this song. It is NSFW, so if you are at the office, use headphones! lol  I could have chosen the "clean" version, I suppose but censorship kind of pisses me off. :) I am posting the video with lyrics, in case you would like to read along as you listen.

You want to know what just occurred to me? I am almost halfway to my goal weight. Yeah, baby. In about twenty pounds, it is all down hill from there. :D

Okay, I have to run. That coffee is calling to me. And I need to get a load of whites into the washer and do some housework. Dragging my tired ass off the sofa, now.


I am going.




  1. I loved the photo from the last post. I sometimes get feet cramps during the night and have found that drinking a bottle of water will help. However, I will admit I have not had the full on leg cramps. I can't eat bananas as they give me a tummy ache but I have a friend who takes the pills. Hope you don't get that again!

  2. Wow, congratulations on being almost halfway there. You can make it!!!

  3. Awesome job on losing the weight, darlin'. I know you are serious when you are talking getting on the scale again! My circles have circles too so maybe I'll just join you on the couch today...

  4. Oh! Leg cramps are the worst, I will be getting them in a few months as they seem to accompany the cyatica that comes in the second trimester of each of my pregnancies.

    -I love that pink song!-

  5. 120 pounds = pure awesomeness! Congrats.

  6. WOW!! I'm excited and extremely proud of you. You're doing the work and it's showing. I think you really are a queen.

    I adore you, IC. You're worth a million bucks to me.


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