Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Infrequent Visitor

Not by design. I blogged fast and hard here for a long time and I am just hanging back a little. I am not off the rails I am not tired of my blog. I am just... Still boring. Seriously. There isn't anything really worth writing about going on right now and I am tired as you are of the same old whining. lol

I am eating well. Having more good days than bad and I am gaining some of my old momentum back. I am feeling more enthusiasm for losing more of this flab and I think I am beginning to see some results, again. Which is good. Heaven knows I stalled myself long enough. I feel a little smaller, I look a little smaller. I still haven't stepped on my scale. I am afraid that if I do and I don't see what I need to see I am going to lose it and do something stupid as hell. And I don't want to do that to myself. So, avoidance is my watchword as far as my scale is concerned, for now.

I might weigh soon. Or I might wait until my appointment with my Doc in August. We'll see.

My ankles are puffy as hell. *sigh* yesterday, they looked almost perfectly normal. In fact, last night, I looked down at my right leg and was stunned at how skinny (in comparison) it looked. Shock moment! :D But a good shock, if you know what I mean.

My head has been bad. Really bad. The last two weeks has been torture. The pain and stabbing in the left side of my head is about to drive me over the edge. I hope I will get some relief, soon. Maybe I need to start taking Aleve on a regular basis, again. When I take it daily, my head seems to be a little less awful. I don't know. I just know it is a bad, bad spell and I am weary of it. Ugh!

It is warm here. Not hothothot, like other parts of the country. It's humid, tho. Really humid. Clouds are building and I am hoping it will storm, later. I could use some thunder and lightening and rain. :D

Okay, I have to run. I need to pee... Water, you know. And I am hongry and in need of a little lunchipoo.

I'll be back in a bit to read up on all of you.


  1. Glad to see you checking in. Don't be such a stranger. All my posts are boring lately as summer is so busy and there just isn't time to think about blogging. I find I don't have much to say. That is okay though. We just wonder about you and like for you to pop in to let us know you are still around. Hugs.

  2. When it is this bleepin' hot, it is really hard to stay motivated. I started running/walking back in April. I knew the summer was going to be a struggle. But I do myself a world of good if I just get my rear up early(er) in the morning when the temp is the lowest.

    That sucks about your head hurting. I hope you know why or, at least, let your dr know about it. I'm toast when my head gets like that.

  3. I wish your head didn't hurt...and I miss you!

  4. Hope your head gets better, my sinuses are bad right now!

  5. The weather we're having here is miserable as well, Erika. 90's and humid, every day. Little or no rain. Because I have quite a few ulcers that my gastroenterologist says are aspirin induced (I take 5 or 6 aspirin at a time when I have a headache, hoping to kill it before it blows into a migraine or before I take an Imitrex (they are too expensive to waste)), he recommended that I be prescribed a daily prophylactic to help stave them off. My regular doc agreed and put me on 10 mg per day of Amitryptilene. I still get headaches but much less frequently. I'm not supposed to be taking the aspirin like I do, but again...the expense and fear of migraines keeps me using them. If they fail, it is ice for my head, darkness, a bucket (in case I get sick which I usually do with migraines), and of course, the Imitrex. That all said, I do try really hard to not take aspirin unless I really need them.

    Glad to know you are staying pretty well on track and super proud of you for sticking to that water. When I used to drink water, my skin just stayed so much prettier.


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