Sunday, July 3, 2011

Okay, Because I Know That Draz (My Fellow Purse Ho) is Curious...

Yes, I did get my new purse, yesterday. It was still there, on the rack at Ross when I went in to buy it. I looked around the store and carried it around for a little while, to be sure that I really liked the purse before I took it up and paid for it. I decided I did. :D

It is a Bebe Fashionista Mini Bowler. The outside is fabric and faux leather. The fabric is quilted in a pretty floral pattern. The liner is a soft, silky smooth synthetic satin. The hardware is all gold tone. Do you know how hard it is to find a pretty handbag with gold tone hardware? Especially at an affordable price point? It is not easy. Everything is silver. I know that silver is "the metal colour" but I am a gold girl. All of my jewellery is gold and I wanted a bag with gold, as well. I finally found one. :D I also like the shorter handles. They are perfect for hand carrying my bag or putting it over my arm at my elbow.

You know what else I like about this purse? It isn't practical, made of sturdy materials or made to wear for years. It is cute and frivolous and I bought it simply because I wanted it. I didn't need it. I already had a beautiful handbag. I just wanted something different and new.

If you like this bag and want to try to track one down, I found mine at Ross and it was $29.99.


  1. Wow. The way you talked about this purse I expected it to be very expensive. Its a great price and I totally would of gotten it too for $30 :) nice find. Im a purse {whore} and I have a thousand.

  2. Lovely, Erika. I'm glad to treated yourself to something you really wanted. It is something we should all do now and then. :)


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