Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kentucky Fried Fat Broad aka... Oops! I Did it Again!

Yup. Stupid woman here went out today and fried herself.


Some people just never learn.

I wanted to be like Draz, I guess. Forgetting, of course that I am substantially older, heavier and much more out of shape than she is. Doy! Going out to the lake late this morning and walking in direct sun and rapidly rising temps turned out to be a really, really bad idea.

It was nice when we left the house. Almost eighty. Not so bad... Really... Or so we thought. We forgot that the sun was beating directly down on dry, hard packed ground and reflecting up. The temps were rising fast and the humidity is up a bit. Remember last Summer when we were stupid enough to hit the tails on a day like that? Well, it was worse, today. And I started out hard and fast. I had great tunes in my ears, I was rested and ready to roll, my feet were happier then a couple of pigs in shit in my fab new shoes and I just wanted to fly.

I started out in a fast walk and lifted into running for a little while. I still can't run far, but I was hauling some ass. Dropped into a walk when I couldn't run any longer and kept my pace fast. William couldn't catch up or keep up with me. A little over a mile from the car, I stopped under a tree to have a little drinkie-poo and hit the wall.


I almost hit the deck.

I really wanted to go on to the park gate, but my bod was screaming no at me, so we turned around and headed back. The climb back up on the way back was a little slower than the climb then downhill out. At the bench about a half mile or so from the car, I had to stop and sit down. How embarrassing. I was having trouble breathing and my lips were numb and I stopped sweating. I sat there for a good ten minutes or so, William dumping his water all down my back to try to cool me down and drinking water. A lady going by on a bike asked me if I was okay and if I needed more water. Humiliation, again. Fat broad, fried, sitting in all her fat splendor on a bench, red and puffing. Nice. Jabba the Hut in a layered tank top, leggings and a stupid looking hand crocheted sash like thing holding my stuff, all worn out and resting. Gah!

 After a while, I slowly made my way, with William's help back to the Jeep. By the time we got there, I could barely climb in and fasten my seat belt. I was weak, trembling, hyperventilating and my vision kept going crossed. I couldn't slow my breathing and I couldn't cool down.

I leaned into the air vents and tried to cool down but it was as if my inner thermostat was on the fritz and I kept getting hotter and having more trouble breathing. We stopped at Jacob's Well to fill water jugs and our water bottles and I kept putting down bottle after bottle and the water was just not doing anything for me. I started shaking, hard and I still wasn't sweating. My head suddenly started pounding hard and I had sparkles in my field of vision. This continued until we go home. I still don't know how I managed to get out of the car, into the house and up the stairs. Sheer force of will, I suppose. I was so weak I could barely walk and my vision was so crossed and the sparkles were so thick, I could barely see.

William fired up the A/C, brought Patrick's fan into the living room, brought me wet cloths, baggies full of ice and cold water. He took my shoes and socks off, to cool my feet and I sat there, with wet cloths and bags of  ice on my chest and head, sipping cold water, sitting right under an air vent and fan for a good half hour before I started to feel cool and my breathing and vision normalized.

I should have probably sought medical attention. In fact, I think I remember mentioning it to William. But I just came home. As I started feeling better, I figured that in the ER, they would have done for me the same thing I did at home; cool me down and hydrate the hell out of me. They would have added oxygen, to slow and ease my breathing, but in time I was able to do that on my own. All those years of controlling my breathing when my asthma kicks up paid off, in the long run. :) It took a good hour for me to feel well enough to go downstairs and take a nice, cool shower. Now, a few hours later, I am just fine. I had lots more water and am still gulping it like it is going out of style and I had lunch and, yeah. I am just fine, now. :D

I think I came very close to full on heat stroke, this time around. Lesson learned. No more running until I am lighter. Seriously, my bod can't take it right now, even if my brain thinks it can! And, even more importantly, no more walking at the lake in the middle of the frakking morning in the Summer in the sun. I can't take it. I know that a lot of people can exert in that kind of heat in the sun, but I just can't take it. From now on until the weather cools substantially, Mama goes out to walk in the evening. lol

I can walk in the sun when the temperature is cool, just fine. It is when it is hot that I can't tolerate it.

One good thing that happened, I gave my new shoes a good run in. And I love them. They are so comfortable and supportive, they flex and roll with my natural stride, they have a little spring to them and boy, can I ever move my ass in those shoes! As I said earlier, William had a tough time keeping up with me, for a while, there. The difference between these shoes and my old ones are like having wings or concrete blocks on my feet. I didn't know that I could walk so easily, freely, with my feet so coddled and cradled. No more letting my shoes get old and broken down. From now on, I am getting new walkers (well, runners, actually! ;)) every six months or so. The difference is definitely worth the expense, IMO. And, Sears always has athletic shoes on sale, so it will hardly break the bank.

William was fine... A little singed and hot, he needs white t shirts and shorts and some new shoes, himself. He decided that after roasting in a heavy black polo and black jeans, today. lol Mr. Heatproof wasn't all that comfortable. And he would be much happier walking with better shoes, too. The ones he has aren't bad, but they aren't great for distance walking.

So, that was what happened, today. I am an idiot. I didn't listen to my intuition that was screaming at me to wait until this evening to go walking. And I got fried.

Lesson learned.

Until next year? :p

I ate well, yesterday. Came in under 1400. Food is good, today as well. I am drinking lots more water, again. And that helps. A lot.

Okay, I have to run to the bathroom. Again. lol


  1. Well, if you remember, you're not alone because our darling Draz had heat stroke too. I'm so glad you're feeling better though E. I was actually scared reading about it, even knowing that if you weren't feeling better you wouldn't have been posting. Please take care! :)

  2. Oh babe - I feel so bad for you. It's not about being older or bigger - I swear. It can happen to ANYONE in heat like this. And my God doesn't it feel awful? You take care of yourself. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you. xoxo

  3. I'm glad you are okay, Erika. Be careful, girlfriend. It is just too hot for strenuous exercise. Draz scares me with her working out in this heat. I worry about both of you. Take care of yourself.


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