Thursday, February 11, 2010

Asymmetrical Eyebrows

They really bother me. My eyebrows. A small, silly thing, I know. But they just bug the snot out of me. I have fairly symmetrical features, overall. But my brows are really futzed up, thanks to an accident I had when I was a child. I actually lost my entire eyebrow and my doctor told my mother that if it grew back, not to expect it to look like it's mate. It doesn't. It is higher, the hair is finer and lighter and the shape is not the same as the other one. I deal by plucking both of my brows down to the minimum and reshaping them with brow powder and setting it with gel. Takes a century to do but I am pretty happy with the results.

It occurred to me today that there are a lot of really gorgeous gals out there with mismatched eyebrows. And they don't seem to bother them all that much. Now, I am hardly gorgeous but if they can rock the funky brows, why can't I? Maybe I should just learn to live with my oddball brows. Shape them the best I can, enhance them with a little powder and gel and let their freak flag fly.

Maybe... :D

I wish that blogs had smilies.

My dog is getting older. Sabryna is an Aussie cross. She is eleven, now and she is really beginning to show her age. Average lifespan for the breed is 12 to 15 years. If she is crossed with German Shepherd, as I suspect, that is going to be a bit shorter. She is having trouble holding her urine for as long as she used to. We are careful to get her out to pee frequently so that she doesn't have to wait too long. Problem is, as she gets older, she is drinking more and more water, more and more frequently and then she can't hold it all night and well... My poor broadloom suffers.

We are now restricting her water intake from about 9:00 on. And she hasn't had to relieve herself in the house, since. Poor baby girl. She feels so guilty when she pees in the house. And at first, she didn't understand why she couldn't have free and unfettered access to her water dish, as she is accustomed. But she is getting used to it and doesn't ask for water as much at night. I take her out one last time just before bed and I let her have a small drink so that she doesn't get dehydrated. But I still hate looking at her big, brown eyes asking me, "Why?" when I put her water up for the night.

I hate that my girl is getting old. I am so attached to her and dread the end. Sabryna is my Velcro Dog. She follows me all over the house, when I go outside without her, I come in to find her plastered against the wall in the room nearest to my outdoor location.

This Winter has been unusually warm. It is coldish at night, we get frost. But the days are mostly sunny and warm into the 50s and even 60s. Where did Winter go?

I must say I am looking forward to Spring, this year. I am dying to plant flowers. Dig in warm, right, loamy smelling earth, set baby plants, water and feed them and watch them grow, spread out and bloom. I don't grow food. I suck at growing food. Overall I have a very brown thumb. But there are a few varieties of outdoor flowers I can actually make thrive and look fabulous. And I get a kick out of it. I feel like such an Earth Goddess when I actually succeed in making something grow and produce bright, colourful blooms. :D

I need to get some indoor plants, too. I left my babies behind when I moved from Highland Pines into our condo. Somehow, they became infected with horrid little black flying bugs. And I didn't know how to get rid of them and I certainly wasn't going to bring them here, with me. I was heartbroken. My plants were beautiful and one philodendron I had had since my son was a toddler, when we lived in Bullhead City. I moved that poor thing several times and pampered and neglected it and my son used to beat the holy hell out of it with his baby blanket and rip it's leaves off.

At one point, it had died back to a tiny, withered stem and one wilted little leaf. I couldn't bear to let it go and I nursed it back and at it's most glorious, it has multiple long runners covered in leaves. Runners that measured from five to eight feet in length. I usually kept it trimmed back to about two to three feet, tho.

I have been eating quite well, the past few days. I am keeping a handwritten journal of my food intake. It really helps me keep on track. I had a rough couple of days, lost my focus at dinner time. And I went a little high, today. Close to 2000. But that is far fewer than necessary to maintain my current weight, so no harm done.

Reminder to self: Pretzels are a trigger food. Stay the hell away from them. Yes, one portion is low in calories and nearly fat free. Sadly, one portion isn't where I stop. So, pretzels need to go in the No Fly Zone for a time.

Other than the pretzels, tho... I am hanging pretty tough. :D And I am pleased. I don't even feel all that hungry. And when I do, I am trying to remember to ask myself if I am really hungry? Just peckish? Bored? Wanting to feed for the wrong reason? Thirsty, perhaps?

*sigh* It sucks. But it is doable. Others have done it. So, it is possible.

It just isn't as easy as "Put down the fork and stop eating too many 100 calorie packs." Every time I hear some self righteous twat (usually someone who has never battled with excess weight a day in her life) say that, I want to scream. Trust me, I wish it were that easy.

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  1. Yes, I am sure with you on that last comment about the twats (such an ugly word, no? LOLOL). It isn't easy to do. Back when I was young, I could limit myself to one half a sandwich a day, not be hungry and lose weight fast. Now I can go two days with eating nothing and gain weight. Frakkin' hormones. And I'm with you on letting the freak flag fly. That said, when I saw that you wanted to just let the brows be...then went on to describe how you would do that, I had to laugh. Sounds exactly like what you are doing already! LOLOL

    I also know what you mean about Sabryna. One night less than a week ago, Oscar was up on the bed with me. He is 8 1/2 now...I just balled my eyes out worrying that he wouldn't be with us forever. He's had a rough life with racing and a subsequent broken hock. It often gives him pain and he limps around. The Greyhound life span is exactly as you said it is for Sabryna.

    I am rooting for you on the weight loss plan, darlin'. I dropped 20 lbs. and seem to have leveled off. I am still trying to watch what I eat, but not as fanatically as I had been. Too, I think I get occasional hormone surges that has me really hungry at times (much like PMS). I figure with working, it is balancing out a bit though. I probably should get back at it, but sometimes it is hard to care. M doesn't care, or at least seems to have no interest, which does affect my motivation...


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