Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Many Nail Colours Does One Manicure Need? Post # Two for Today :D

I have discovered the fun of reading and drooling over nail polish fanatic blogs. Seriously, these gals are crazy about nails and polish, like I am about my hair. And they have wonderful blogs devoted to manicures and polish and tutorials and all kinds of finger pretties fun. I love it. :D

One blog has a tutorial for applying polish and doing a clean up to have a really clean and nearly perfect finish. Once I learn how to post links, I will start linking. But for now, if you want to find the tutorial the blog is called Emerald Sparkled. Her tutorial is terrific and it helped me to do one of the nicest, easiest manis I have ever done.

I need to pick up some pure acetone and a small, chisel edged brush to really get the same result but I did get a good result from cutting down a little Taklon concealer brush and using regular polish remover. I have been getting better and better at applying my polish, this took it to the next level. :D :D I have a bit of polish flow onto my middle finger cuticle that I couldn't clean up quite to my satisfaction. But it is a lot better than walking around with polish and sparklies on my cuticles and the skin around my nails until I take a shower. Have to like that. :D

I decided to do a multi coloured mani in different shades of pink and a white all overlaid with a sheer pink shimmer to kind of even things out and give it some punch. The colours I used, from thumb to pinkie (all OPI shades) are: Pearls Night Out, I'll take the Cake!, Kiss on the Chic, Aphrodite's Pink Nightie and I'm India Mood for Love. Two coats of each colour on each nail. Then a coat of Princess Rule! on each nail... Two coats on the pinkies to tone the bright, bright pink down a bit. Then it is all topped off with one coat of Seche top coat.

The picture makes the thumb, index and middle fingers all look about the same colour. They are actually quite if subtly different, IRL. Sadly, I am not a skilled enough photographer to make my camera capture it. *sigh*



  1. I like the look of nail polish but I'm lousy at applying it. My hands end up looking like a small child did my polish.

  2. It just takes practice and a good technique. Since I learned how to apply properly, it comes out a whole lot better. :D

  3. Gosh but you have beautiful hands! I gave up nail polish long ago. I found it turned my nails yellow (even with a good base coat under the color), eroded from the tips within one day, and brought attention to my ugly hands! LOL But your hands are gorgeous!

  4. Awww... Thank you. *blush*

    My polish does erode at the tips but a good top coat helps to slow that down and touch ups keeps the fun going for a while before I have to change it. :D

  5. My hands look like old crone hands. I really should do something to make them look pretty. Yours are gorgeous.


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