Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just Can't Help Myself

I can't stop farting around with my blog appearance. I imagine that I will be fully happy with it, one day. lol

It is a bright, sunny day and the air almost smells like Spring. I am thinking longingly of just how gorgeous days are in the Valley, this time of year and I really, really want to go spend the day down there. Drive around, do a little shopping, stop somewhere yummy for lunch. Drive around some more, windows down enjoying the gorgeous, unmatched late Winter Phoenix weather.

In spite of the heat in the Summer and the pollution, I would rather live down there than here. Prescott in a word, sucks. I don't like it here at all. But, husband has a job here and in this economy, he would be an idiot to try to change jobs, if he doesn't have to. So here we stay. Of course, part of his motivation is his desire to remain close to his parents. I understand that. I also resent it.

What about my wanting to be closer to my mother? I don't see him killing himself to get a job and reestablish us in Washington so that I can have that. My mother and I are extremely close and I haven't seen her since 1995. Doesn't seem to bother my husband that I ache to spend time with my mother. That I miss her face, that I long to hear her voice. To sit across from her at the table, have tea and a lovely conversation. To just "be" with her. We have long phone chats when we can. It isn't the same. It will never be the same.

Brekkie this morning was a cup of coffee with fat free half and half and a Yoplait light yoghurt. I so don't want a lecture about HFCS and sugar and cornstarch and so forth... I need little "diet" goodies like spray buttery stuff and salad spritzer. They help me cope with giving up all the rich, fattening stuff I normally depend on in my diet. I know that HFCS and so forth aren't good for me and I want to eliminate them from my life, one day. But these little "treats" are really a big help to me.

My housework is nearly done, I just have some laundry to finish. I didn't clean my bathroom while I was sick and it had a pretty bad case of toilet breath. I got in there and gave it all a good scrub. Vacuumed my hated broadloom, emptied my dishwasher and dusted. (What did I ever do before Swiffer Dusters, I ask you?) I'll shower, later. And put a fresh top coat on my nails. :D

Call someone you love and miss, today. :D


  1. When I was in Arizona we lived in Mesa and I always enjoyed going up to Prescott. But that was over 35 years ago. I'm sure it's changed a bunch since then. I wish you could visit your mother. It doesn't seem fair.

  2. It is what it is. I have no way to change it so I accept. *shrug*

    Prescott is very different from when you knew it. It is a sprawling small city.It can be congested, the cost of living is high and there is an element that still likes to believe that it is a small town, even the "wild west". *gag*

  3. Gosh, I hate knowing how much you miss your mom and can't get a visit in. I hope you can scrape up some wherewithal and find a way for just you to visit, at least. Sounds like it is much needed. I've not been to Prescott, but a girl that was my best friend in 5th grade moved there with her family...I guess it would be in like 1970 ish or so. I've often wondered how she got on. Anyway, I lived in Tucson for two years (stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB) and I did miss it so much when we left.

  4. I am sure that it has changed a lot. It has, just in the years I have been here. And not for the better. ha


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