Saturday, February 27, 2010

How I Make Citrus Soy Marinated Chicken :D

Let's see if I can make posting pictures here from P-Bucket work. I think I need to use the HTML code?

To begin, make marinade. I use lemon juice and orange juice, a little fresh cracked black pepper and a bit of soy. Don't ask me how much of what... I don't measure when I cook. Only when I bake. I used two large fresh lemons and a large fresh orange and a little orange juice from a bottle in my fridge. To get maximum juice from the citrus, I just dug my fingers in and squeezed and smashed and ripped out the pulp and squeezed and let a lot of the pulp go into the marinade. A lot of seeds, too. No worries, I wasn't using the juice to finish a dish.


After I mixed in the soy and pepper, I poured it all into a gallon size zipper bag.


Using tongs, I moved all of the chicken to the bag. These were really big pieces of boneless, skinless chicken breast halves.


After all of the chicken was in the bag, I squeezed out as much air as I could without squeezing out any of the marinade, sealed the zip and smooshed the meat around until it was all covered nicely then put the bag into a baking pan to catch any drips that might happen. Raw chicken juices is not something that you want dripping on produce or cooked foods or the interior of your fridge, so use care when marinating in a bag. :D


I disposed of the bag of marinade by closing the zip and transporting it by tong grip to the trash.


I placed the pan in my fridge and left the chicken to soak up citrusy goodness for hours. I brought the pan out and flipped it, every now and then to be sure that the marinating was as even as possible. When it was time to bake it, I set my oven to 350 degrees, lined a baking tray with non-stick foil and sprayed it lightly with Pam. Then I brought out the chicken, stood the bag up and using clean tongs, moved the chicken from the bag to the pan, curved side down.


Then I sprinkled the meat lightly with Lawrey's Seasoned Salt, a little fresh cracked black pepper and some paprika. Sprayed it lightly with Pam.


Then I turned the chicken over. With tongs. :D


And repeated the sprinkling (I use a bit more paprika on the top) and Pam.


And into the nice, toasty oven. Bake until done. Sometimes I grill on my Foreman grill or gas grill. (Or I will use a gas grill, once I get a new one. Sigh. I miss my old grill. But that is another story for another time.) I don't know how long the chicken bakes. I time like I measure. I just let it rip until it is done through. Since chicken pieces vary is size and thickness, timing will vary.

After it comes out of the oven, it looks like this:


The paprika and Pam make a "crust" of sorts. And the citrus and paprika and pepper all work very nicely together.

Those pieces of chicken were so big, there is plenty left over for another meal or two. I see chicken salad for lunch, tomorrow. :D

It was a nice day, today. Warmer and humid. We actually had some moisture coming in from the Gulf of California. It felt almost pre Monsoon. A little early for that kind of business, tho. We don't usually get a taste of it until April or so.

My lappie has been acting a little screwy. It is slowing down, pages are loading slowly and I get a lot of time outs. It is almost three years old and I think it is getting tired. I think it needs a tune up, a refreshing sleep and clean out and perhaps some additional memory to speed it up and make it work a little better. I wonder how much something like that would cost? If it is too much, I may have to just get a new computer. If it isn't much, it would be worth it.

I like this computer. It is comfortable, broken in, the keys I hit most often are shiny and all of my pictures, smilies and so forth reside on Photo Gallery. I have a weird feeling about this machine and I am now backing all of my pictures up on disk as I upload them from my camera. If my baby does crash and burn, I don't want to lose my memories. I can replace my puter. I can't replace my picture of my son with his learner's permit. Or my husband and son walking out of Circle K slugging down Slurpees. Or my goofy cat being a goofy cat or my sweet doggy lying on her brand new Christmas present, a thick, soft dog bed, chewing on a heavenly delicious Busy Bone.

I didn't count calories, today. I just ate mindfully. Modified portions, used lo fat mayo and buttery spray and so forth. Didn't endlessly shove salty, fatty snacks down my throat. I'll do the same, tomorrow. And get back to counting on Monday. I want to see how this works.

The earthquake in Chile. My Lord. Those poor people. 8.8 is one hell of a shaker. It is going to take them a long time to get their lives back to normal. I hope that the death toll doesn't go too much higher.

And what a relief that the anticipated tsunami didn't turn out to be the big bad everyone feared it would be.

A couple of quick things to add...

It worked! Posting photos from Photobucket worked. :D

And, I have a new follower! Hi and welcome! Photobucket


  1. I think we'd be really good friends if we lived near each other. I love reading your thoughts and hearing about your days. Oddly enough, today I am coming away feeling as though I really miss you. Sending you love, darlin'. That chicken looks absolutely divine!

  2. Oh I'm so coming over for chicken lady!!!

  3. I agree, Leafy One. :D

    Hi LOC. You would be welcome, for sure.

    Let's see if this comment posts... For some reason mine aren't.????????

  4. Oooo that chicken looks wonderful. I hope your computer doesn't crash. But then again, a new one would be nice wouldn't it?


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