Friday, February 26, 2010


Here is the tutorial I mentioned about getting a perfect manicure. It rocks. It works!

Try it. :D :D

It was a nice day, today. Sunny and warmish. Clouds are starting to come in. We are expecting a storm, this weekend. Now, normally I love a storm but I was kind of hoping for a nice weekend as I would love to get out and have some fun. I have cabin fever. Bad. I could use a day out.

Hopefully I will be able to go shopping. I would like to run in to Sally and get some acetone, a brush and maybe some new polish. Some of the new China Glaze colours look great. And I am lusting after Lubu Heels. I neeeeed that colour. :D

I would also like to pick up some yarn and knit something. I haven't picked up my needles for a while and I miss them.

I didn't eat well, today. *sigh*


Head is bad. I was haloing last night. Bright white pin-dots. Three of them. My head is banging, tonight. Bleargh.


  1. Poor sweetie. I hope that when you wake today that your headache has left the building. Also hoping you can get out of the house for a bit today. Do you like antiques? Maybe you and WD can stop and enjoy just looking. A thought, anyway. (I am having flashbacks from before I started working again and could go out and do these types of fun things. Sigh...

  2. Thanks, my head was better, today.

    No, he was too busy. Oh well. :)


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