Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Nice Day

It was a nice day, today. Warmish, sunny and bright. We got out and took a little drive, cruised around Prescott and had a coffee. Well, I had a coffee. Husband and son had other drinks. We also had ice creams at Dairy Queen. I knew better but I just had a small twist cone, so I think I will be okay. :D

It was nice to get out. I get so stir crazy in this house. I like to be a homemaker. I am good at it and it feels like my calling. That does not mean that I only want to be in this house, 24/7. And, that is going to have to change.

Husband is feeling pretty raggedy. This head cold is kicking his ass. I feel as if I am coming down wit it... The next few days will tell the tale.

I need to learn how to post images in this blog. Can I just upload pics right from my puter or do I have to host them, first? I'll play with it, one day soon and figure it out. I like to learn new things. :D I know, learning to post photos isn't really that big a deal, unless you are me and four years ago, you could barely log onto the Internet. In that time, I have learned a good deal. Especially since I am not a tech-minded sort of person. lol

I plucked my brows. I couldn't live with them as they were. And I did a pretty nice job of enhancing them today, if I do say so myself. they aren't perfectly symmetrical but they are good enough to make me happy. I guess that is what really matters. So, no brow freak flag. Guess I will have to fly something else.

I added some pictures to this blog. My big butterfly picture at the top, under my title box shrunk when I added a title. Now the detail is lost. I am rather proud of that photo. It is one of a series I took of a butterfly feeding greedily on dianthus flowers in a window box on our old house up in Highland Pines. That butterfly was so happy and so greedy, that it allowed me to take macro shots from mere inches away and didn't move a muscle, except to move to the next delicious flower.

Where is Highland Pines? In Arizona. A little way outside Prescott. Up in the mountains. We lived there for about five years in a ramshackle house that had pile broadloom in the kitchen and bathrooms, a wood stove that we couldn't use because the stovepipe was broken and no central heat or air. So, we froze our asses off in the Winter and roasted them off in the Summer. Shake and bake, we called it.

We now reside in Prescott in a condo. We like it much better. It is bright, clean, cheerful. There is no broadloom in the kitchen and bathrooms. We have central heat and air. How heavenly. Comfort isn't to be underestimated. lol I have a pretty, clean and nicely laid out kitchen that has a dishwasher. Oh! A dishwasher. We have been in this place for a little over a year and I still marvel and delight every time I use my dishwasher. I swear, I will never live in another place that doesn't have one. Washing dishes is for the birds. And I am no bird.

Another nice thing about this place? We have a front row seat for the fireworks, every Fourth of July. While everyone else is pouring en masse to the park or driving around and scrambling around for places to park and see the show, we just step out on our little deck/balcony (that I have named a deckony) and watch the show. Then we get to watch all the suckers trying to get home in that traffic. Makes for a very entertaining evening.

The breeze is picking up and my wind chime is playing a soft, tinkling melody.

Have a lovely evening, anyone who happens to stumble upon and read this drivel.

Can I just say... I *heart* spell check. :D :D :D

Seriously. :D


  1. Methinks you have mastered uploading the photos to your blog, yes? Just in case, you can upload from your hard drive just by using the little picture icon on your 'new post' page. You can even determine where you want the pic (left, centered, right) on that same button. I like all your writing (i.e., not drivel). My favorite is when you wax poetic in your descriptions. Here's hoping you feel better soon, darlin'.

  2. Thanks! I figured out how to add pics to the sides and top and bottom. I'll have to try posting in posts, next. :D


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