Saturday, February 13, 2010

A cold?

My husband is a germ bag. And I think that he gave me his frakkin head cold. I feel as if I am coming down with something and I had a horrendous sneezing jag, earlier. Sure sign that I am coming down with something.

My husband must die.

I ate well, today. Not as well, yesterday. Not a total blowout but... I could have done better. I am at that stage I always enter when I change my eating habits and count calories. I have entered what I refer to as The Fatigue Zone. (Insert echo, here lol) I get tired, have no energy and drag ass for a while. A few days to a week or so. Then, I usually bounce back, get lots of energy and am fine.

So, I guess I will be dragging ass for a bit. :D

I am breaking out, for some reason. On the right side of my face, lower cheek area above my jawline. I hope it isn't the Nivea Creme I have been using. I love that stuff.

Hoping to get out for a while, tomorrow. The sun has been shining, the weather is unseasonably warm and my fancy has turned to getting the fuck out of this house.

I think I will go see what my Leafy Friend is up to. :D


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