Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Good Days

I am pleased with myself. I had two good, healthy eating days. Yesterday I came in a little under 1400 and today just under 1200. I don't feel particularly hungry. A tad peckish but nothing I can't handle. I have some very bad habits to overcome and I need to push myself a bit to make that happen.

I had a nice little victory, tonight. I made packaged Spanish rice for my husband and son to go with dinner. I had meat and salad and was in the kitchen dishing up mine and there was a serving+ left in the pan. I grabbed the cooking spoon, piled it all up in a neat little mountain, all ready to slide it onto my plate. And stopped. Put the pan back down on the burner and rested the spoon in the pan, picked up my plate and walked away.

I know that something like that is no big deal to a lot of people. But it was, to me. It was my desire for something better overcoming in that moment my desire for empty calories, fat and salt. It was me, overcoming my wish for temporary tongue fun by remembering, this time what I really want.

So, yeah. Not too shabby. :D

I hope that you had a victory today, too. :D


  1. I am so proud of you!! I wish I could restrain myself like that. I've been eating more lately. I find myself wondering if it is hormones in their last gasp. You know how you (not you, per se, but the collective you?) can get really hungry during a certain point in your cycles? Well, with all the last ovarian sputters coming so rapidly, it seems I am hungry all the time!

  2. I remember those days. Hormone surges that would drive to me to camp out in the fridge. Gah!

    Hormones are cruel. And you are going through upheaval. *hug*

  3. Congratulations on your victory! Just keep remembering what is important to you. I love the photo at the top here, so cute!


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