Monday, May 21, 2012

I Am In Hell

The smoke from that fire is so bad. My throat, nose eyes and lungs are burning. The sky looks like watered milk most of the time and it is hard to breathe. It is just miserable living here, right now. I would love to track down the asshole who started that fire and kick his ass. I hope that the forest service gets it under control and out, soon. I am soooo over this.

I had a fairly quiet day, today. Did some housework, a load of laundry and watched a lot of TV and bloated my wishlist on Amazon. Oh yes, I have the most exciting life.


Eating? Eh... Okay-ish.

I am looking forward to cleaner air so that I can goo walking, again. Right now I can barely breathe in my house I can't imagine trying to log miles out in that smoke filled soup we are calling air, right now.

Sabryna is getting worse. She is having more and more trouble walking. I told William today that I felt that it is time that we make an end of life plan for her. He won't discuss it. I am so frustrated with him. I hate the thought that my dog is old and breaking down, rapidly but it pisses me off that he is acting like a kid about it, refusing to see the reality of the situation and supporting me in this. I have to be the heavy, the mean one, the one who thinks practically while he keeps insisting that she is doing fine and having more good days than not. She isn't. She is having more tough days than not. Her appetite is decreasing, she sleeps more and more and some days she just looks miserable. How much longer is he going to insist that everything is fine? He needs to grow the fuck up, yank his balls down where they belong and join me in being an adult about this.

After Sabryna passes on, I don't want anymore dogs for a good, long while. They are wonderful to have as part of the family but they get old and break down and it is so hard and so sad and I don't even want to think about going through it, yet again.

Only six days and William goes back to work.

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  1. Sorry about Sabrina, that is a sad situation. I am in the same boat. Flippin' men and thier denial of anything to do with the hard cold reality of life. grrrrrrrr
    Hang in their girl.
    ps. I am a long time reader, but don't say much. I know that is wrong, but I read at work and don't really have time to post. Just know you do have readers like me, so keep on keepin' on.


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