Friday, May 25, 2012

Time's Fun When You're Having Flies

I meant to blog more often this week but every time I thought about it I didn't have time and when I had time, I was off in another world in my head and well... Yeah. Proof, once again that I suck.

So, did I ever talk about how my husband is the pushover of the world? I mean, just look as Marley. William hated cats. He met Marley, when he was just a tiny, wild thing living outside. I started feeding him and the next thing you know, William is coming home with fancy canned food and toys and a cat bed and a blanket for the little guy. And the moment he came in, one phone call netted a brand new litter box and litter and more toys and the cat hater was the cat lover. lol And he still adores Marley, to this day.

So, Mr. Soft Touch, Sucker of the Year and I decided to sell the Jeep and use the proceeds as a down payment on a different vehicle. Since our credit is crapola on a stick, thanks to being freshly out of a BK, we have to put down some money to get financed and we will be a little limited in our choices, this time around. But, in the future, as out credit improves, we will have more options. So, time to start at the bottom and work up, again.

Anywhoozles, the Jeep was listed for 1,750. A fair price, it wasn't new, by any means but it was a good, solid, dependable SUV, had imperfect but intact paint, no rust or dents and it was clean and had icy cold A/C (a real boon, in this neck of the woods). We got call on it and William and the man went around a bit about price and payment. The guy is having a bit of a tough time and is about to relinquish his present vehicle back to his lender and he really needed something else. At first, they agreed on 1,500. I thought it was fair and William was even going to let the guy pay $500 three times, park the Jeep in the garage and hold the funds until it was fully paid, to make it easier for the guy to buy it. Well, somehow that kind of fell through but then he called back late this afternoon and said that he was able to scrape together a thousand.

Here is where Mr. Soft Touch came back to life. And decided to just sell the Jeep to the guy for a thousand. Seven hundred and fifty dollars less than the asking price.


Soft touch.



Did the right thing.

And I am proud of him.

The sucker.

The buyer got the vehicle he very much needed and we have a grand towards our down payment. We'll have to come up with a little more but it's doable.

I just hope that William didn't get played. I don't think that he did. I don't get that feeling and I usually get feelings about people and situations. I was hoping to have the full down payment we needed and a few extra clams. There were some cute workout clothes on the Avenue site I kinda had my heart set on. They were even on sale, dang it. Oh well. I'll just go with what I have and it's all good.

We have been a little bit busy getting some projects done and doing the shopping and looking around at new places to live and so forth. We found one place that would have been terrific. Hardwood floors, three nice sized bedrooms, two baths, lovely kitchen, larger living room, pretty master suite for a very affordable rent (for this area, especially) but it was AAO. We could probably have talked them into letting us have the cat but the dog would have been out of the question. A couple of other possibilities also fell through for that reason. Also, Sabryna is having some tough days and we think that trying to move her would just be too hard for her to take so we have decided to just hang here until she throws off this mortal coil. She doesn't have too terribly long and we just want her remaining days to be as comfortable, happy and peaceful as possible. After she has moved on, we will begin the hunt, again. When the time is right something will turn up. It always does. And it is more important to us that Sabryna has this time in peace and comfort.

It has been mad windy all day today and it is supposed to be windy tomorrow and only in the mid sixties. Must have a little low moving through. As far as I know we aren't supposed to get any rain. Just wind and a few clouds. The cool break will be nice. The wind and cooler temps are lovely and I like not having to run the A/C.

William goes back to work on Tuesday. It hasn't been too heinous having him around but I am looking forward to the return of my peaceful and routine days.

I wonder if Draz did BYOC this week? I'll have to go reading and find out.


  1. Yes he did the right thing...dang it anyway.

  2. Hee hee. I know, right? A pert of me wanted to hug him around the neck and a part of me wanted to smack him stupid!


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