Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

No, I'm not going down in flames. Almost did. But no. lol

I decided to do something new, for me. Take pictures of the food I eat in a day and then post it. I know that this is something that helps a lot of people so I thought that I would try it, too.

So, here are my Noms of the Day.

 Brekkie was two cups of coffee lightened with fat free half and half and some Truvia. A protein shake made with unsweetened almond milk, protein powder and a little yoghurt rounded out my morning meal. Calories: 385.

 Lunch was scrambled egg whites cooked with some sauteed onion and orange pepper lightened with a tiny bit of ff 1/2 & 1/2 and some mustard for flavour and colour and some generous dashes of Tabasco. I made a chopped salad and used some of the tomato from my salad to top my egg whites, too. Calories: 250.

Some canned pear slices (no sugar added) with cinnamon. Calories: 80.

Dinner was a big salad (I ate late and was hangry so I decided to make a big salad) and a microwave entree. Chicken with curry and rice and a few beans. I know... Microwave meals are teh evil but I don't care. They taste good and I am a lousy cook so... I eat them. :P Calories: 480.

I did popcorn (Calories: 240.) but I forgot to take a picture. I guess that will take some getting used to. My total for the day is a very respectable 1355. I feel good abut what I accomplished, today. And I don't feel like a bloated tick. Or guilty. Or full of shame and self loathing. I like feeling like this. Not like that.

I had a pretty productive day, today. Did my housework, (except for laundry) and did my roots and a fresh manicure. I spent a lot of time goofing around online, as well. More than I really should have but some days, I just let the time get away from me. 

I am hoping that soon, I can work salon visits for my colour upkeep into the budget. I like my colour but I don't like painting it on my roots. I wasn't as precise as I should have been, this time around and got some overlap. My hair doesn't seem to have suffered but it can't take too much of that or I will end up in a pickle, for sure. It would be worth the money to let a pro precisely paint the dye just perfectly on my regrowth. While I relax and navel gaze a bit. Yep. That sounds nice. 

I'm thinking of fringe and a few face framing layers. I feel as if my updos are a bit severe, with no softness around my face. Slicking my hair back when I was younger was okay but now, it looks and feels a bit harsh. I don't know... I will think on it a bit more. I don't make spur of the moment decisions abut my hair, any more. When I did, I made bad ones then ended up crying my eyeballs out and regretting them so now I enforce a long wait and think period before anything gets done. There is no hurry. 

It was a little cooler, today. Windy and cloudy. If there had been rain, it would have been a perfect day. :D

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  1. I've thought about taking photos of my food too. I'll be curious to see how your project goes! :-)


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