Saturday, May 5, 2012


The sun is shining. The birdies are singing and my allergies are so crazy bad. Ugh! My beak is a mass of misery and my eyes are burning and sticky and I wish that it would rain and settle the pollen for a while. A little relief from the symptoms would be lovely.

I have my sheets in the wash and I need to wash my quilt, as well. Patrick is going to wash his later, too. It seems as if some days that poor washer never stops running! lol

I have another headache and I need to do my coupons so i suppose I should get to it.

I am eating well, in control and calm of mind. This is good.

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  1. I washed all the sheets and bedding on all our beds yesterday and it felt very nice to have that done. I hope your headache improves and allows you to enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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