Saturday, May 26, 2012

Four Days

That is how long it has been since I washed my hair. I have so much dry shampoo and hair spray in my hair that my hair is nearly standing up by it's self. And my scalp itches like a sonofabitch. I have been falling back on cheats, rather than washing my hair and I am desperate to shampoo. I'll do it, when I shower, in a few minutes. *scratchscratchscratch*

I have the Imitrex buzz. I don't like it but I hope it heads off this migraine. I ignored my aura, yesterday and had a migraine hit me like a freight train in the supermarket. Good times.

Say, have you guys tried this stuff, yet? It's kinda yummeh. I like it on a toasted whole grain sandwich thin. Nom, nom, nom.

I wish that I could get more flavours, locally. Stupid Prescott. If we get the good stuff, we get so little of it or such a limited selection that it is pathetic.

Have I mentioned that I hate living in Small Town America? Well, I do. I am an urban girl. I have traffic noise and smog in my blood and living in the clean mountain air in a large town that thinks it is still a small town is sucking the life out of me.

I must continue to be sucked, tho. (Oh. That came out so many kinds of wrong.) Leaving a place in which my husband has a steady job would be the height of idiocy and we aren't stupid.

Well, not most of the time, anyway. ;) 

I have to pee.


  1. Did I miss out on why you are not washing your hair?

    Damn, I hate getting hit with a migraine when I'm away from home. Well, I hate them period, but at least at home I can crank up the A/C, go lay down and put on a sleep mask. Fortunately, I rarely get side-lined with migraines.

    Cheese Spread....yummmmm!

  2. I was just running out and about and not wanting to take the time to shampoo, condition, dry and style all of this hair so I was stretching to my next wash by using dry shampoo, wearing my hair up and spraying it into oblivion to keep the wind from blowing it all over the joint. lol

    This is yummeh. It is sweet but not sickeningly so and it tastes like strawberries. :D

  3. I haven't tried that kind because I don't like strawberries, but I'm a big fan of their other flavors? Nomnomnom.

  4. I love the LC queso, myself. I buy coupons on ebay and stock up when I find a good sale (I'm talking like 20 containers because that stuff lasts a looong time). :)


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