Thursday, May 3, 2012


I forgot to take my food pics, yesterday. Geeze. What a forgetful dork I am. My day was... Okay-ish. Not as good as it should have or would have been but not a total fail, either. With my complete lack of doing anything right, lately, I'll take it, since I have been sucking so hard, lately.

Today is going very well and I am remembering to grab my camera. Yay me. ?

William gave the dog a bath, today. Boy did that stanky old biotch need it. She smells so much better, now and isn't fouling the air in my house. lol She looks nice, too. All fluffy and soft and pretty. And pissed off. That dog hates water with a velvet passion. Oh, she'll drink the stuff but she doesn't want it applied to her body.

We received a letter from out Trustee, today. He has concluded our case and has no more say over our financial decisions. We can now make a purchase or whatever we want. We are waiting to receive our discharge and the letter from the court. that should take 45 to 60 days. I am hoping that it will be sooner. I am happy that we are finished with this phase, now. We just have a little more, waiting for the court to discharge then close out case and we will be finished, once and for all.

I swear, I am not doing this, again. Bankruptcy sucks eggs. Ass. Big green donkey dicks.

I think I am going to go do a little shopping, later. I need a few things and I want to see if Ross has any of the Color Club polishes I am looking for. I also want to pop into Big Lots. I read on a blog that some stores have some Philosophy cosmetics and Revlon polish duos of the Summer collection I missed out on last year, thanks to my local drugstores being dickheads and not ordering them. Maybe I'll get lucky. I love a good bargain hunt. :D

My hair is drying... I don't know what I am going to do with it. probably a braided updo. Something loose and easy and soft. Anchored with a Ficcare, maybe. :D

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  1. Bankruptcy definitely DOES suck! My ex and I filed for it a couple of years ago. Good luck with it all.:)


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