Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anyone Have a Roll of Duct Tape?

That title is apropo of nothing. It just popped into my head and I decided to use it.

So... How is everyone?

I am well.

Tired and grumpy but well. Day is going fine. I am at 1220 cals for the day, so far, leaving me a few for evening munching. My roadwork is complete. I got to the green mailbox and a part of me (the crazy as a loon part, I imagine) wanted to press on and take the next hill. Uh... No. Not ready. But the fact that I am thinking in that direction is probably a good thing.

Or I have a death wish. lol

Today's walk was a little rough on me. The wind was blowing, my allergies were acting up and I had a little trouble breathing. Beyond the huffing and puffing of fat old broad hauling ass uphill. I also started coughing. Not so good, means my asthma wants to come out and mess with me. Blech.

Hopefully the wind will be calmer, tomorrow.

My hips and knees are bothering me, too. I just have to push through it. I didn't get this body being active and eating right. It is going to take time for it to adjust and for exercise to become a bit easier on me. I don't think I am doing so badly, considering what I weigh, right now and how horribly sedentary I have been. I just have to keep plugging away at it. I just have to get out there and climb that fucking hill. Over and over and over, again.

Oh, I remember why I was thinking about duct tape. Because someone needs to use it on Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Wrap it around and around her head so that she can never open her big, fat, stupid, over opinionated mouth, ever again. Good Lord, does she ever learn? Judgemental, stupid, silly, little idiot, anyway.


  1. lol. Hmm....duct tape is always handy.
    Great job on the walk.

  2. Good for have the exact attitude and "smarts" about your wellness program that all of us need :-)

    And I sooo totally agreee with you on the Hassleback-idiot-issue!

  3. I'm a sedentary person myself, especially the last few years. I never used to be like this. What the heck went so wrong?

  4. I have PINK duct tape! It is good for EVERYTHING! I used to like Elizabeth but she is too abrasive and bitchy now.

  5. I'm afraid that I missed whatever it was that Elizabeth Hassleback did or said. Duct tape does come in some cool colors though.


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