Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dude, That's Fuggin' Ugly!

A fine Thursday evening. Cool, cloudy and quiet, as Husband and Son are not home, yet. I expect them to walk in the door any moment, now.

So, I watched an episode of Oprah that I recorded yesterday. She had a gal on who wrote a book about women and food. I agreed with a great deal of what she had to say but I didn't learn anything I didn't already know or am not already working through. Basically, her premise is that our relationship with food is formed when we are young, that many of us use food to numb out (bitch has been reading my blogs lol) as a drug to keep us from feeling. When we release our food from having to be our drug, it is just nourishment and we have to learn to live and to feel our feelings. And so on. I just sat here, watching, listening and saying, "Duh!" a lot.

I do think that for anyone who is struggling with this concept, this book could be very, very helpful. But I don't really think I need it. And I certainly won't be attending her conferences or retreats.

Anyhoo... My own day has gone well. It is Subway Thursday. So, calories will be a tad higher than usual. But not too terribly much. I have decided that I don't need cheese or avocado every time I have a sandwich. It is just as tasty and filling without. I will save the avo or cheese as a treat. I can't do without my light mayo, tho. I think that a sandwich without mayo is like a day without clouds. What the hell is the point? lol

You know... I can't remember the last time I had a binge? And, I haven't even been thinking about it all that much, lately. I have had a few days that were a little higher, calorie wise than I really like, but they were due to a few poor choices, a little extra snacking or something. Certainly not a binge, as I see a binge. It is so nice not to have those nasty, obsessive, painful thoughts filling and swirling through and messing with my brain. It is a little weird. I am not used to it. But I am certainly not complaining. :D

So... I did a fresh mani. And I have to say, I am not a fan. It is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Iced Coffee. If someone ever hands me an iced coffee that looks like this polish, I will most likely throw up on their shoes. This colour is that tragic. On me, anyway. Perhaps on someone with the right skin tone, it is lovely. But it isn't on me. I want to clean it off, so, so, so much! But I am making myself wear it until at least tomorrow evening.

Why, you ask would I do that to myself? Well, the answer is very simple. I deserve to be punished. You see, when I bought this polish, I had already picked up and put in my cart Hidden Treasure (squeee!!!) and had in my hand a gorgeous bluey, foily, ocean inspired colour called something Sea or something like that. It was so beautiful and I was salivating over it. So, what did I do? I started to doubt myself. I thought that I was getting too many "busy" polishes, that I needed a nice, quiet neutral.

So, I put down the gorgeous and picked up this monstrosity, instead. Yeah... I know. Nuts. Certifiable. That is I.

I had another lesson in trusting my instincts and myself. Everything in me was screaming for the pretty polish, but just for that short time, I felt as if I didn't deserve it, that I had not done anything to earn the privilege of owning and enjoying it so I had to get the quiet, neutral polish, instead.

Screw that. From now on, if a polish makes me squeee! I am buying it. And I am not keeping ugly and unloved polishes, any longer, either. The Iced Coffee has joined other rejects in the Zoya trade in pile.

Wanna see the fuggin' ugly?

Taken in evening light through my window, no flash. Slightly blurry, sorry.

With flash.

And, just because I like to make you suffer... One more. *evil grin* As unflattering as this stuff is in a photograph, you should see it, IRL. It is almost gag worthy ugly on me.

I will say this for this polish, it was a bit of a joy to apply. The brush is a little big and wide and clunky, especially to wipe the excess off, but it applied the polish very nicely. This colour is a creme and it was smooth as a baby's cheek and opaque in two fast, easy coats. Seche just enhanced the lovely smoothness and shine. It is an easy clean up, too. So, this stuff does have it's merits. The colour is just tragic on me. And I will never wear it, again.

When am I going to learn, once and for all to trust myself and be true to myself? I am doing better, but I still have a long way to go, don't I? lol

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  1. It reminds me, in spirit, of the ubiquitous beige jumper with headband.
    inoffensive, staid, and lifeless.
    God bless you for giving it a go.
    Next time just join the junior league if you want to punish yourself. lol.
    Here's to ocean blue.

  2. ***snort*** lol

    Definitely. No more beige polish for me. :D

  3. I really like this color and yes, even on you. But then this is exactly the sort of color that when I do indulge in nail polish (rare), I keep buying variations of this same shade myself. I've also come to prefer cremes to the swirly stuff because it always applies better and looks better when I'm finished marauding my nails with it. Anyway, I shall be quiet now, hater! LOLOLOL

  4. I like to color it would look great on a wall or something. I like it when you do the blues or black. Do you ever do like an orange or a coral? I am thinking about getting a pedicure and was thinking about orange?

  5. I don't think there's too much you can learn anymore from the self-help gurus. You have so much self-awareness now. Yay for not being able to remember the last binge!

    I have to confess that to my eye that nail polish has an understated elegance. I do enjoy your brighter palettes though. I guess that shade is just not "you".

  6. I have an aunt that weirs beige's like that and they look fantastic on her....but it's not something I can pull off. Makes me look like a corpse, lol. That's awesome to hear that you haven't had a binge in so long....don't you just love progress? :)

  7. You could probably write your own book. I don't care for that polish color either. Not much color to it.


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