Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is Today? Wednesday?

My, how time's fun when you're having flies.

Boo! Hiss! Sent the hook out for that bitch!

So, what the heck is going on with me? Well, mostly the usual. You know... Housework, taking care of the furbags, watching TV, goofing off on my 'puter, that sort of thing.

The weather seems to finally be warming up. And for a nice change, the psychosis inducing wind has calmed down a lot. It is still breezy with gusts, now and then but the incessant wind is not driving me out of my head, right now. I suppose I shouldn't bitch too much about the cooler temps. This is Arizona, after all and it gets nasty, powerfully hot here. Even up in the "mountains" where I happen to reside it gets ugly hot. The saving grace is, unless it is really humid, it does cool a bit at night and sitting outside on a softly warm night with a gentle breeze provided either my Mother Nature or a fan is a singularly lovely experience.

Did you know that we don't have a lot of buggy bugs around here, at night? An occasional gnat or a mosquito might come around, now and then but we don't get harassed and eaten alive. I have never needed a drop of insect repellent since I moved to this state. So, I guess that Arizona does have one saving grace. lol

Anyhoo... What was I going to say before I started nattering about heat and bugs? Oh, yeah. I have been having very good days. I am nicely on track, my head is good, level and calm. Binge urges have been few and easily set back into their place. I have been craving a bit. And when I do, I try to satisfy it in a constructive manner, have a little of what I crave, rather than eating three times the calories by trying to eat around it.

I only got in 975 calories, yesterday. I just wasn't all that hungry so I didn't force myself to eat what I didn't want. I am running a little low, right now, too. I am just over 500, at the moment. I am going to try, with dinner and perhaps an evening snack to get up over 1000. Again, I am just not that hungry, today and I don't think that it is good to make myself eat what I don't need or want. I spent far too many years doing that and I don't want to continue that behaviour. I'll make up for my shorter days, tomorrow. It's Subway day, tomorrow. lol

I keep seeing the ads for the new Wii game, that dance game? They play that song my Katy Perry... Hot and Cold. I know... I am a dork extraordinaire, but I love that song. And I want that game. Now I want a Wii. Never wanted one until I saw that game. Told you I am goofy. lol If I got a Wii, tho I could get that game and some exercise games, too. Something to think about, if the budget loosens up a little. :D

What the hell iI would do with a dance game is actually a bit beyond me. I have two left feet and absolutely no sense of rhythm. Seriously. I get confused trying to follow a Leslie Sansone In Home Walking video. lol

Yep, I had to open a new tab and go get the song at You Tube. I'm listening to it, now.

I need to grow up. lol But Pop Tart music is so much fun. Lady GaGa, anyone? :D The sound on this 'puter kinda sucks. My HP was better. And I could crank it. *sigh*

I am hydrating better. I am seeing results in less puffiness in my ankles and just feeling better but dayumn!!! The constant trips to the toilet are driving me nuts. And my poor hands! They are dried out from being washed five hundred times a day.


  1. We lived in the Valley and used to go to the mountains every weekend. I remember it got awfully hot even in the mountains. I'm glad that you're doing so well with your eating!

  2. From personal experience (and I am one who pees way more often than most), eventually you will get used to the extra water and the trips will slow down some. Good for you on the low cal days. I have to agree that you shouldn't force yourself to eat just to get the counts up a bit. Of course, I wouldn't say that if you were dealing with bulimia or anorexia, which are no joking matter, but having a day or two of less desire to eat is good, I think, when you are trying to lose. Maybe I am having convoluted logic (and I'm not trying to be a smartass, truly), but I just flat out agree with you. Unfortunately for me, when I've had similar days, I more than make up for 'em. Sigh...

  3. Thank you, Sherry. :D Yeah, I am not battling a slimming eating disorder, so I don't think a day or three of lower cals will do me any harm.

    Gosh, I hope that I adjust to the increased fluid intake. And soon. I am going to float away! lol

  4. We have that game, it's a lot of fun and I work up a pretty decent sweat.


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