Monday, May 3, 2010


Hello. :D

I didn't get a chance to get on all of yesterday. Husband is not inclined to share the flatscreen when he is off so yours truly had to find something else to do. I did. I got a good bit of reading done. Finished a Nora Roberts book, read an entire Fern Michaels and started another Fern Michaels. Yeah... I have really deep taste in books, don't I? lol

I had a good eating day, yesterday. Just over 1530 for the day. About 1350n on Saturday. So, less time online isn't hurting my ability to stay on track. :D I have missed reading everyone's' blogs, tho. I am going to see how much I can get caught up, today.

It is a beautiful day, today. That low pressure centre that kept wrapping in around it's self and wouldn't pull out of the state has finally departed and the skies are clear and blue, the air is still and calm it is warm and the birdies are rioting in the trees. Hopefully, that was the last bit of Wintery weather that we will have to endure until it actually is Winter, again. lol

I have been busy, this morning. Cleaned my house really well, GI'd my bathroom, washed my shower curtain and dusted and polished and mopped and washed all of my windowsills. So my little home is all fresh and clean and shiny. :D Housework sucks but a messy house sucks worse so it is a choice between two evils. lol

Husband had to go to the Urgent Care... He has some kind of nasal infection and has antibiotics and a nasal spray to dose himself with. Son is off, today and taking advantage of his one day off to relax and rest a bit. He won't have another day off until sometime next week.

I need to do my nails sometime today. I have chippage. What coilour to use? :D


  1. You have been busy today! I need some of whatever got you cleaning up so well today.

    Great going with the calorie count!

  2. I clean all the time. It is just routine. lol

    Thanks. :D


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