Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Okay... I am an Unobservant Idiot lol

The road that I walk on is Buckskin... Not Buckhorn. Geeze, Erika, read a sign, why don't you? lol

Sabryna and I took our sojourn up to the green mailbox up on Buckskin Road and turned around and glided downhill all the way home, That walk takes me about twenty minutes and it is about what I can safely do, right now. I want to push myself but I want to do it smart, not end up having a heart attack by the side of the road. A part of me feels as if I am cheating hauling it back all downhill but, I figure at my weight, I am working my body, whether i am hauling it uphill, downhill or on the level. lol

It was a lovely evening. The air was soft and warm, the sun was just down so that I didn't have to worry about protection. Irises are in full bloom here, right now and they are just everywhere. Mostly purple but every now and then you see a yellow or white flag amongst the purple. Lilacs are just starting to bloom and their soft, sweet scent mixed with the yummy smells coming from some one's grill. A young woman, watched by her baby in a carrier and a fat, black cat was clearing a flowerbed outside her home. The sweet voice of the infant's happy babble floated to my ears on a light, cooling breeze. Sabryna paused and woofed, softly when she saw the cat then we moved on, I taking in the sights and sounds around me, my dog looking for her next spot to jerk me to a sudden stop to sniff and squat.

I think I had a slightly easier tome of this walk, today. I had to take fewer rest stops to allow my heart rate to slow a bit before I moved on. I am thinking that in the next few weeks, I might be ready to go down the small downhill and then the next long, hard uphill slog past the green mailbox. I would like to work up to a solid hour of walking. I just wish it were flatter, around here. I admit that I hate hiking uphill. I breathe so hard and loud, my heart pounds and I just know that I look like something so totally pathetic and gross, going along. I try not to let myself think about it and I tell myself that noone is looking out their window or gives a rat's ass about me or my fat climbing laboriously up the road.

Sabryna is really enjoying these walks. I start getting ready and she is dancing around, rearing to go. :D

Other than my walk, my day has been good,. I am on track, in control and calm minded. I spent some time doing my vary favourite thing in the world.


Not that.

I got to empty out and scrub down my fridge. Oh. Joy. *sarcasm*

I grab a dish towel and some cleaner and spritz and swish and wipe it down on a regular basis so it doesn't turn into a Superfund Site in there. But every now and then, probably more often than I am really willing to do it, it needs to have all the shelves removed, washed and scrubbed and the cabinet scrubbed and polished. I rearranged the shelves to better suit how we use the fridge and I must say, it looks quite fab. And it is far more functional for us, too. :D

Okay, Husband is in want of the TV, so I must spell check and sign off. I'll hopefully have more time online, tomorrow so I can read blogs and catch up with everyone.

Good night, all. :D


  1. Someday, when you move into superfit category...you'll be greatful for all those hills.
    Have fun with the fridge. lol.

  2. That's what I figure. Those hills are going to be of benefit.

    Doesn't mean that I like them. lol

  3. I hate cleaning fridges; always have. You never cease to amaze me with all you do, my friend. It must be some weird fluke with your location and your weather. You are further both west and south of us, and yet your winter seemed to last even longer than it did here. (Though you had some nice days when we were still dealing with some mighty cold temps!). I say this because my lilacs have bit the bullet for the season (I'm hoping they will come back next year - it is a new lilac bush). We are still getting pretty low temps at night (sometimes high 20's, low 30's) though, so that may have killed them too. Most of the flowering trees around here are now losing their blooms and going to full on leaves...

  4. I hate walking uphill too but it is a great workout. I haven't cleaned our fridge in a long time. I'm almost afraid to look in there.

  5. Sherry, I think that we share a few climate similarities, are you at altitude? We are at 5000 ft, here. Bummer about your lilac bush. I love, love, love lilacs. I need to get some lilac perfume. I had some when I was a teenager and loved it. :D

    SM, ya know that Superfund Site I was talking about? ;) lol Just do it, girl! :D


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