Saturday, May 22, 2010

Om Nom Nom Nom

Greek yoghurt. Yum. :D I got some Oikos brand, vanilla flavour. This is the first time I have tried Greek yoghurt and I like it. It is thicker and creamier and a bit more tart than my usual Yoplait Light. It also feels more filling with a smaller serving. I admit, I like my yoghurt sweet and a little more intensely flavoured. Lifelong conditioning, I guess. lol My next cup, I'll add some Splenda. But, yeah. This is good stuff and I will definitely continue buying it.

Son brought home Cheetos. I am craving. Urgh. I think I am going to have him take the bag downstairs. Out of sight, off my radar. I am not hungry, just my silly mouth wanting to indulge.

It is cooler today and windy, again. Look, I appreciate that it isn't 100 degrees without a breeze and we are sweltering and running the air and every fan we own. (That will come later.) But sheesh! It is freakishly cool and what is with this frakkin' wind? It is supposed to blow today, tomorrow, perhaps the next day. :p Yuk. I think that there is a pressure gradient and that is contributing to my raging head.

I am thinking about starting a polish blog. I think that I would like to keep this blog just for it's original purpose. And I think it would be fun to have a separate blog just for my nails. Kind of feels decadent and indulgent. I don't have huge amounts of money to spend on polish and I don't receive collections from manufacturers, but I think I could keep one going. As I said... I am thinking about it. :D

Well, I am going to get some more Crystal Light, put my lunch dishes in my dishwasher and straighten up my kitchen. Then I am going to read blogs.

Later, gators. :D


Before the Cheetos went downstairs, I decided to have five. 35 calories. Craving now dead. And the Cheetos are off my radar. :D


  1. That Greek yoghurt sounds delicious. I don't know that I've ever seen it. I like the idea of it feeling more filling. Nice job with the Cheetos.

    The polish blog sounds like a very good idea to me.

    And also--you are made of pure awesome.

  2. Ooh, look at that commitment! How you managed to only eat 5 cheetohs is beyond me! I'd have done half the bag in a sitting. Especially if I had a fountain diet Coke nearby! Good for you!!! I've never been a big yogurt fan (another thing I suspect I belong to a minority group), but like the yogurt on things like gyros. I can manage yogurt when I have to or when it is on fruit, but it never has been a favorite of mine.

  3. Just wanted to remind everyone that the challenge starts tomorrow so don't forget to post your start weight, with the pic of your scale reading your weight tomorrow! Good luck!

  4. I have not tried the Greek yogurt yet, either. I am a recent 'covert' to eating yogurt anyway. I NEVER ate it before about a year ago. Chocolate bars were much more fun...then.

    I like the 'sweet and don't know that you are even eating yogurt' type of yogurt. I like the Yoplait parfaits-Lemon torte.

    They probablt aren't good for me either...OH well.

  5. That yogurt sounds pretty good. I've never had Greek yogurt before. Only 5 Cheetos, you did great!


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