Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Have a New Nail Blog

Please come check it out. :D Read, (when there is something to read... lolol) follow, hang out. :D

It is in it's early stages and needs a lot of work but I hope that it will be nice, in time. :D

I decided to move my nail and probably makeup and other beauty junkie type posts there and move my nail blog blogroll as well to clear the overwhelming feel of this blog. There was just too much going on and it felt chaotic and cluttered, to me. This way, I can keep weight loss and life here and manis and beauty over there. It appeals to my sense of organization and order. :D

Now, to go find a new background for my new blog...

So many choices. So few blogs. lol


  1. I will have to go and check out your nail blog cause I really like the pics of your nails.

  2. I never paint my nails because I make such a mess but I enjoy looking at your fingers.

  3. Um yah - I'm so there - I LOVE your nail pics. I just stare and stare.

  4. Not much of a nail polisher (though I too enjoy seeing your colors) or beauty junkie. I wish I had the face and figure and hands to manage both of those things. I end up feeling frustrated, old, and ugly (no amount of makeup fixes that), so I'll just stay here! LOL I love hearing about life in ShermieGirl's world!

  5. Thanks for the comment yesterday. I actually quoted you in my post today because the scale was unkind so I am embracing your comment and moving forward.

  6. Thanks, gals. You make me blush. *heart*


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