Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Challenge

Good morning, everyone. I hope that this day finds you well, happy and for those of you fighting the good fight, on track. :D

Today is weigh in day for the Summer Challenge. Sadly I have to report no change on my scale. I am not surprised. I am puffed up like a poisoned dog, as you can see by my feet and ankles. (I am so. Fucking. Sick! of the swelling. It has plagued me for years and I am over it. Hopefully losing this weight will help that.) But I didn't gain, either. So, it isn't all bad.

I am not upset or discouraged by the number. Scales only show what the body as a whole weighs, at that moment. Not what is truly going on with fat loss and fluid retention and so forth. I expect that I will see a nice little drop, next Friday. :D

Oh, here is the scale picture.

Even tho my scale number didn't change, I am on track and doing well with my calories, hydration and so forth. Exercise... Not so much.

 I know. I know.


  1. I understand. I have a serious salt craving. So after I eat something salty, I drink tons of water. I have one foot that swells, it is WEIRD. Since I have started walking in the morning and evening, the puffiness is gone.

  2. Better to maintain than to gain. So next Friday should be a good weigh in. Good luck and keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you, gals. :D

    Kristi, maybe I need to get my arse in gear, huh? ? :D

  4. I am very excited to be able to follow your progress in the challenge. The water weight will soon be gone, as you said yourself. I LOVE your socks. The words on them seem to sum up your whole attitude of late, regarding your own thinking! :D

  5. Franny, I had kinda thought of that, too. :D

  6. MIne numbers bounce around like that all the time, so no biggee. You're right, it'll be gone soon in a whoosh. :-)

    I'll be curious to see how your Cheeseburger in a Bowl turns out. Mine was soo yummy, I think even my picky husband would like it.

    About the happy cat painting... no, I didn't paint that one. But I LOVED the style, and sat and looked and looked, analyzing how they did it, LOL!

    "I am puffed up like a poisoned dog"..
    That cracked me up!


  7. Yessirree, I can see the swelling and it appears greater in your left ankle than your right. Do you know what causes that? Is it cyclical related? Just as long as you have clean bill of health, the water shall pass. I don't see you as gaining, for sure. You work too hard!! So yay for maintaining and I agree with you on the scale not always being an accurate reflection...especially when you are retaining water!

  8. The weight loss will start up again I'm sure. I have socks that say "no nonsense" too.


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