Monday, May 3, 2010

Walking the Dog

So, I decided to get off my fat ass and take a walk. Not easy, around here. We live on a hill and all the roads around us are hills. Bleargh! A lot of work. But, I think that is the point, actually. lol

Anyhoo... Sabryna and I were clear of the easement road that runs behind our condo and were on Ridge Road and a man was jogging towards us. I moved over and tightened up on Bad-Ass-Protector-Guard Dog  (har har) and prepared to pass. He said hello to me. I was so. Stunned that I almost couldn't reply.

People who are fit and jogging don't talk to fat, old broads with old dogs puffing their way up the road.

Do they?

Sabryna and I walked up Ridge Road to the curve into Buckhorn (we are sooo Western, out here... *rolling my eyes*) and up Buckhorn-hard slog up!- to the flat and on to the green mailbox then home. The return is all downhill. A blissful reward for the hard pull uphill all the way out.

The walk took about twenty-five minutes, including stopandsniffandsquat sessions for the dog.

I feel pretty good, if my legs are a bit on the sore side. I need to keep doing this. :D


  1. That is what I did starting...just walked. It's how I dropped my first 40 lbs.
    Walking rules.

  2. Excellent job on the walking! Just make sure you don't overdo it at first or it'll be harder to keep it up. I changed my picture....this is my dog, Trixie. She looks something like your Sabryna.

  3. Walking uphill is tough. Sabryna will really enjoy your walks even if you don't.

  4. I find that many people are just simply nice! Once you get past the adolescent and young snobbishness that judges people based on looks, the ride through life is ever nicer, my friend. That has been the one really good thing about getting older: acceptance.

  5. I love walking with my dog. Although he walks me more than I walk him. He weighs 70 lbs and is only 10 months old. Hey but walking is good keep it up.


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