Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Hangover

I won't spoil for anyone who hasn't seen it. It was funny. Typical crude, sophomoric guy humour type of stuff. But a little better done than most. Interesting concept. We enjoyed it. But we don't really need to see it, again. It's what I call a "funny once" movie.

I ended up not making popcorn. None of us was in the mood for it. We had dinner a little on the late side so we weren't hungry.

I am getting the hang of my new photo software. Windows 7 is a bit different from Vista. I still need to practice opening photos in Paint... It is a lot different. But I'll get the hang of it. Otherwise, I like this new OS. It is smooth, fast and easy to use, once you find your way around a little. I like that it feels more solid and stable than Vista did. Vista was always a little... Goosey, I might say? Tho I did get used to it and liked it, too.

I already had to repair a couple of small chips on my manicure. Danged French chips so easily. I doubt it will survive past Monday. lol

It was a warm day today and now it is cooled off and a lovely, cooling breeze is blowing in my open windows. Husband and son are sleeping and I am enjoying  a little peace and quiet before I hit the sack. :D


  1. Nothing like a bit of piece and quiet to settle the soul. Glad you are enjoying your new laptop and that you did so very well for the day.

  2. There are a few movies that I have seen that were good once but were not repeaters. Then there are some that I almost have memorized.

  3. I liked The Hangover too, and I agree with your assessment that it's a one time funny. Happy to hear that you had some alone time before bed.

  4. I've been avoiding seeing it since I don't have much taste for frat boy humor... but I might consider giving it a try. :-)

  5. Oh I loved it! I'm not into the whole "American Pie" crude kinda thing but this was seriously refreshingly hilarious. Favorite quote: "Rainman nearly bankrupted a casino and he was a ritard."

    Aside from the end credits I also enjoyed that I didn't have to stare at naked trashy women throughout the whole movie. Bonus.

    Hope you're having a great day!


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