Monday, May 3, 2010

Support or Crutch????

I was cleaning up my kitchen after I had my lunch today and the question that was running through my little gourd was, "Is blogland and my blogfriends support or a crutch?"

I admit that sometimes I am not really too sure. I mean, I know that sometimes when I log in and read blogs it is a distraction technique. It is easier to fend off a binge or feeding frenzy when I read blogs by others who are going through what I am or have been and have wonderful insights to share.

Most of the time I read to catch up, learn about people, learn about how they are doing in their weight journey (good Lord, that word is tragically overused, isn't it?) and get some support and to give support where and when I can.

But, am I after support or am I just substituting one crutch for another?

For a while I feared that I was using blogs as a crutch but this weekend of nearly no Internet activity (I was on briefly Saturday afternoon, then gone, again) has shown me my answer. Help and yes, sometimes a distraction when I need a little extra bolstering. But I don't see blogs and all of you as a crutch. I got through my weekend just fine. My calories and thoughts and feelings were really good. I got a little munchy, yesterday and was tempted to sit down with an entire bag of pretzels and my book (while that nasty little voice in my head was encouraging me to do it!) but I was able to talk myself down. I was able to reason out my feelings, remind myself that feeding frenzies and books don't have to be best friends and after a little while, I didn't want the bag of pretzels, anymore.

I counted out a serving of pretzels, slowly savoured them while I immersed myself in the world of my book and drank a lot of Crystal Light. And it was plenty and I was happy and content. And I worked those tools all on my own. I felt as fine as I did the day I taught myself to ride my bicycle with no hands. :D

I have tools. And I am getting the hang of using them. :D

So, to answer my own question... I think that blogs and blogland and blogfriends are support.

Not a crutch. :D


  1. well, 'they' say that quitting bad habits is easier with support. I say, do what it takes and screw the rest.
    I'm a pragmatist. I would rather use my blog as support than food to make me feel better.
    Good post.

  2. I'm glad that you were able to resist the urge to overeat. We all need all the support and encouragement that we can get.

  3. And there you go. Eating sometimes becomes something done out of boredom and habit, I think. Plus when you like the taste of something, that doesn't hurt either. At least I think this is what I do with food. LOL


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