Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Biggest Loser: Godfather Edition

What the fuck is with these idiots on the Red Team? Are they so hungry for leadership that they will be sheep, allowing Jordan to make all of the decisions and run the team? Do everything he tells them, eliminate whomever he says to eliminate? They were stupid, getting rid of someone who is a strong performer for the team to keep "the family" (Jordan's Family) together. Huh? Don't these people get it? They are in a fight for their lives and they are allowing that bearded weirdo run the whole thing. Trust me, the bearded weirdo is out for himself. And he is a manipulative, controlling bastard who will do anything to achieve his objective. And these idiots are allowing him to do it.

Dumbasses. They aren't doing this for Jordan and what he wants, but they have been manipulated into thinking that is what they have to do. According to the numbers, it was time for Kaylee to go.

Of course, that is just my opinion. I may be wrong. :P

It is a cloudy, overcast day, today. Rain is in the forecast, for the next few days. As long as it doesn't snow. I am going to try to get in a good hike out at the lake, this afternoon since once it rains the trails will be muck and I will be on my glider until they dry, again. Why doesn't the city just build covered trails, so we can walk in all weather? :P

Half of my daily water intake is down the hatch *glurg* and food is on track. I have a few chores to do up really quick-like then I need to get on my glider. I would like to get a work out on it, then go walking this evening. Moar cardio means moar calories burned. Not a bad thing.

I slept late, until after nine (I almost never sleep in!) and it has thrown off my whole day. I need to go empty my dishwasher, scoop Marley's box, sweep, vacuum, dust then get my exercise. I'll see you all later. :)


  1. I can't handle watching biggest loser. I'm just not a fan of reality TV. Sounds like I'm only missing a lot of stress and drama though. Not that I don't enjoy and little stress and drama from time to time. :)

    Have fun with the workout and the walking. I'm still beat from yesterday's workout. Still have one more strength training exercise to do. The glider, which I love by the way, really gave me more of a workout than I expected.

  2. I didn't watch this season, I would rather watch Heavy or other shows that are not as much about competition. Plus I want to punch Alyson with her skinny ass.

  3. I hate when they do that on shows like that. I watch "Survivor," and the same thing happens. There are sheep and wolves, it seems. The sheep get fleeced. Yeah, it's a cliche, but it's true.

  4. OH Biggest Loser - if they only would have picked Arthur - DUHHHH!

  5. What does it feel like to sleep until 9, huh huh huh? Hope that you had a great day that started out being well rested!


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