Sunday, February 13, 2011

Current Weight

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Two pounds down. I was expecting more, I won't lie. But two pounds is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Sorta. *sigh* Sometimes this feels like such a battle. Sometimes I feel as if I am fighting against the current and I am being swept backward a step for every few I struggle forward. Some days I am full of optimism and others, like today, I just want to go hide from it all until it is all over and I can emerge, changed. Then I think about how much farther I have to go, how much work there is to do and my head gets stupid.

Don't worry, I am not spiraling into a fail or binge or anything idiotic. I am just indulging in a little mental pout. Getting all emo on myself. I'll survive. lol

Geting out of this house for a while today will help a lot.

Food and water are on course. Well, food is... If I drink too much water before I go out, I end up running into every public ladies room in town and for a gal with a bashful bladder, that can be an ordeal, let me just tell you. It's hell when you have trouble pissing in public, even when your bladder is about to explode. :P lol

It is a pretty day. Slightly hazy and warming up nicely. It is 57, right now. Should be nice and warm this afternoon. These lovely days having me jonesing for Spring.

Maybe I'll buy the shit I need to run strand tests on my hair, today. I am feeling the need to dye. I am so ready to go blonde. :D

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  1. You'll be a gorgeous blonde. 2 pounds is great! Keep up the are worth it.

  2. Blonde will be a good look for you, Erika. Try not to be upset about the loss. I only lost 2 pounds too. You've spent a lot of time on the glider this week. You may be building muscle mass. Muscle mass and fat mass are not the same. The same volume of muscle mass weight more than fat mass. A pound of muscle and a pound of fat will weight the same but the amount of muscle in a pound will be smaller than the amount of fat. Does that make sense? You inspired me to get a glider. It will be here tomorrow or the next day. I'll bee sure to let you know how it goes. I'm very excited about it. Enjoy your day!

  3. A Blonde Ice Queen, say it ain;t so. I think it will look awesome. I havn't been blonde in years, I may try it later this year, for my anniversary.

  4. I'd take a two point loss or a two pound gain and am guessing you would, too. Yes, this is hard, but you are doing it. Stay strong.

  5. Hey, two pounds is two pounds! You know how uneven weight loss is. Next week, it could be four pounds. It's variable. KBO is right--muscle, being denser than fat, will take up less space. You don't seem to lose as fast, but your measurements will get smaller. Why don't you measure them today, then next week or two weeks from now? It might be a good idea.

    Anyway, congratulation on the weight loss.

  6. I just want to remind you of the gummy hair that caused a cut a couple of years ago my friend. LOL I'd take two pounds and be glad of it!! You keep on keepin' on, Erika. You can do this!!

  7. My hairdresser told me this weekend that my hair color looked so natural she couldn't tell it was a box until I told her. Nice & Easy the Perfect 10 one. After talking she said it was the comb through to put it on that made it look so varied on color.

  8. At least the 2 pounds are in the right direction! I used to have a bashful bladder too but I seem to be getting over it, more or less.

  9. At least you lose something.


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