Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good Morning, Blogland

How was your day, yesterday everyone? Mine was good. Calories were in target range and I drank aaaalmost all of my water. I was about two cups short, yesterday. What can I say, I ran out of the ability to slurp late in the day and I just couldn't go any further. Shoot me. I worked out on my glider, 2 miles. I was actually feeling as if I could go further... If I do, this morning I will. :D I am planning to glide while watching The Biggest Loser. :D

I only had enough coffee for one cup, this morning. Bleargh! I seriously needed two, today. Oh well... Maybe getting up and getting my blood flowing will  wake my bleary ass up.

Okay, I need to slurp more agua and then get my cardio on. I will be back later for some serious blog reading and catching up with all of you. I am neglecting and I don't feel good about it!

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  1. Enjoy your work out, Erika. I'm putting mine off until a little later in the morning. Just not feeling it yet. I will get it done though. Have a good morning!


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