Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lost in a Time Warp

Yesterday totally got away from me and went by in a flash. I got things done but didn't get much extra done or spend much time online. It was just a weird day. Kind of otherworldly

Yesterday wasn't a good day, food wise. I ended up at nearly 1500 calories. And didn't get all of my water. I was just careless and not paying attention. (Not whining to make you mental, Allen... ;) :P Just being accountable.) Shows to go me that I still have a shit load of work to do on myself and lessons to learn. Ongoing process. Maybe one day I will finally get it all right. lol My food is good, today and my water is going down as planned, as well. This will be a better day.

I don't get why I am struggling so much and so resistant. I am just going to have to work it out. My success and health are too important to not get this right.

On Sunday I decided that I wanted to take the downstairs master suite for myself and kick Pookey upstairs to the room I was inhabiting. I can now get up and down the stairs easily and decided that I wanted more space. And that big closet! Not to mention my own bathroom. Sharing one with a husband is bad for a marriage. Having my space downstairs also gives me a little much needed distance. A place where I can spread out a little and have my own time without thinking about the house, others persons in it and all of what I have to do on a daily basis. It is working out very nicely.

The switch wasn't without it's hitches. Moving Pookey's furniture up the stairs and mine down was a lot of work for the boyz. When they were bringing my dresser down, I heard them coming down the stairs with it and peeked out my door and there they are, nearly at the bottom and my dresser was upside down! And they didn't even notice. lol  Wow, such observant men I have, here. lol It was no biggie, as all that was in there is clothes. They just got tossed around and disorganized. I thought it was funny that they didn't see it, tho.

One thing that wasn't so funny was when I tried to take an armful of stuff down the stairs. I had a big basket with no handles full of stuff with some hangars balanced on top and my old HP lappie in a computer bag over my shoulder and was about to head down when I lost my balance. The basket and it's contents went flying, everything tumbling down the stairs. I thought, for one horrifying moment I was going to follow it but luckily I fell backward and landed hard on my ass. I gave my back a good, hard jarring and I was a bit sore, yesterday. My back feels better, today. Now, to let my knees adjust. They are griping a little but they are getting better, too. Going up and down those stairs so much is turning out to be really good for me. And I am adjusting to carrying loads up and down, too. No more falls. I should be a Sherpa, soon. :D

We are having a little bit of very lovely Springlike weather before the next storm comes barreling in later this week. Highs in the upper sixties, near seventy. Brilliantly sunny, soft breezes. Nice. The storm is supposed to bring rain. It had better just be rain! Snow... Do. Not. Want!

My washing machine is beginning to make strange noises on some cycles. So is my dryer. Lord, please don't let them break down anytime soon. That is not an expense I need at this point and time. Gah!

Okay, I have laundry going, I need to dust, vacuum my broadloom and do a few other things and I need a shower. I also need to make some time to do my nails and catch up with blogs.

Oh. I did a strand test to see if I could lighten my hair. Fail! It is just too dark and resistant. Long gone are the days when I could slop a box of dye on it and get perfect, shimmering blonde. It is time to go to a good salon and put my tresses in the hands of an expert colourist. I want my hair coloured but I just don't have the expertise to safely and successfully lighten and tone it on my own. Touch ups are tricky when you double process (and a huge pain in the ass, to boot!) and I don't want to screw it up and destroy my hair. Been there, done that, don't want to grow out yet another disaster. Besides, it would be nice to go in and have my hair done and get a little pampering on a regular basis.

Okay, must run. Stuff to get done. I'll catch all you fine folk later.


  1. So sorry about the near fall, Erika. I would totally have done down the stairs head first. My balance is horrible lately. I wish you the best of coloring your hair. I had mine highlighted a few weeks ago and now it is time for a touch up and a trim. The bangs are getting in my face and trying me nuts. I hope you will post some pics when you are done. Have a good day. :)

  2. YOU HAVE A BROADLOOM? WOW! I'm sorry you took a tumble but am glad that you were OK. It is nice to see that others stall too - and feel frustrated. Hang in. xo GP

  3. The fact that you have your own bathroom is making me jealous. With a baby and a three year old and a hubby I am lucky I get to close the bathroom door while going....if I had my own bathroom I might pee myself with excitement

  4. I'm glad you weren't hurt and glad you have your own space now too!

  5. Thank you for the entertainment.Love those puffy clouds...so sweet and lovely:) Kisses and hugs, darling
    i will be much missed.
    Scarves Scarves

  6. Holy Toledo, I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt. You can easily have a dangerous fracture that way. You were unbalanced from all the heavy stuff you were carrying. Don't scare us like that again.

    YAY for the change in bedrooms. You deserve the master suite and private bathroom. It's perfect for you! Good going.

  7. Glad you are okay! I never get caught up on laundry and do it daily.


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