Friday, February 4, 2011


I am sitting here going crazy. I took the prescribed dosage (1/2 tablet) of Lasix yesterday and today? I am even puffier. Arrrgh!!! Today I bumped the dosage to a whole tablet. This shit has to work. It just has to. I can't do this shit. I am so tired of it. I just want my legs to look and feel normal. I want my hands to not swell. Is that too fucking much to ask? Am I demanding too much, not wanting to be swollen, my weight wildly flying all over the place? Is it too fucking much to have a consistent drop in weight, to reflect the work I do without puffing up and staying in the same place for weeks at a time?

*sigh* I know I did this to myself. I get that and I take responsibility. But I think I have earned improvement. And I want it, damn it!

Thus ends my poor little me rant for today. :P

So, I tried to transfer my music from my 'puter to my phone. Turns out I need a SD memory card. *sigh* That won't be in my budget until the 11th. Bummer. Oh well. I'll get a big, fat storage capacity so that I can download books onto my phone, too. That should salve my hurt widdle feelings very nicely. Oh! And I finally figured out how to move my apps from the roll list to my home panes. Turns out to be a snap. I also figured out how to move them around in their pane or move them from pane to pane. Fun. And I can't seem to leave them in their chosen spots. I am always shifting them around.

That Robo Stir thing looks like a piece of junk. Most things that need to be stirred constantly need to be kept moving and that thing looks as if it basically sits in one spot, leaving the food to stick and burn in the rest of the pan. Waste of money, if you ask me.

I am on track with food and water. I am about to start in on my third two quart pitcher of the day. *slosh*

Okay, I think that is all I had to yap about, at the moment.


  1. Erika,
    Give the Lasix a little time. I bet they started you on a very low dose and that it will take some time for it to be affective. Hang in there, dear. :)

  2. Patience, Obi-Wan. Give it a week. You'll be pissing like a racehorse soon! If it can work on racehorses, it will work on you! ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  3. Patience is a virtue, my Friend - I know, easier said then done! It will work, just give it some time...

  4. I would think one dose might have little to no effect. Hopefully you'll have an improvement sooner rather than later.


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