Sunday, February 27, 2011

Forgot to Post, Yesterday


I got on my scale, yesterday and was 294. So, I lost the pound I was up thanks to food fuckery and an additional pound.

I finally. finally dropped under 295. Not stellar, a one pound net loss but it is better than gaining another, instead. I am back on the groove and my scale is sliding in the right direction.

I e-mailed my weight to Allan for the challenge, yesterday. I am not getting on my fucking scale, today.



No way.

Not going to happen.

I am leaving well enough alone.

I'll pop on next Sunday.

We awoke to a pile of snow, this morning. There was nothing on the ground or falling fronm the sky last night when I went to bed and this morning, the light, powdery stuff was up to Sabryyna's belly. The trees are piled with fluffy pillows of snow. The sky was clear and bright. It is pretty. For about five minutes. Time for the day to warm up and that shit to melt, now.

Willy Dog and Pookey are going to head out in a bit and clear the drive so that we can get out. It shouldn't be too hard. The snow is light and powdery and there is no ice under it. And Willy Dog needs the exercise. He had his DOT physical the other day and while he is fine, overall, he is overweight and has been cautioned, once again to get the weight off, if he wants to stay that way. He chooses not to. Whatever. I'm not his mama. I am not going to tell him what to do.

I got into a little pissing match with a woman in the grocery store, yesterday. We wanted to go up the cereal isle so I could grab my oatmeal and this broad had her cart right across the entrance to the isle, dreamily reading labels, taking her time and just generally acting as if she owned the entire place. We stood, waiting for her to move. Finally she looked up, said, sarcastically, might I add, "Oh! I'll just move my cart". at which point I replied "That would be nice".  In an equally snarky tone. As we proceeded down the isle she dared chastise me for my tone, telling me that I shouldn't be sarcastic. Perhaps the fact that she was older made her feel as if she had the right to correct my behaviour. Whatever it was, she crossed my line. I said, very sharply that I will speak as I choose. Ma'am. Down the isle she called me a bitch. Okay, fine. I earned that one. :D My reply was, "Right back at ya, Sweetheart!" She kind of popped her eyes at that one and left the isle.

Geeze! She started it. I shouldn't have participated. I know better. But I had a migraine, I was trying to get the shopping done before the snow flew and I wasn't in the mood to tolerate a complete stranger crossing my boundaries and telling me how to behave. I get enough of that shit at home, thanyouverymuch. Add to that the fact that I was raised old school. I was taught from my cradle to respect my elders. So speaking to that woman the way I did went completely against everything I was taught and have lived all my life. A part of me wanted to track her down and apologise to her. I didn't. I felt horribly guilty for that. But honestly, I didn't spend much time looking directly at her and I didn't know exactly what she looked like, so... Screw her.

I'm trying a new night cream. Loreal Youth Code. I was trolling the drugstore shelves for some yesterday and I almost bought my usual Neutrogena cream but I saw the Loreal and was intrigued. It was usually $25.00 but it was on sale for $18.00 and I got Extra Bucks, too and I had a coupon so I grabbed it and brought it home. I applied it last night and this morning, my face feels nice and soft. Not greasy or dry. Just... Nice. We'll see how it works over the next few weeks. I am not expecting miracles, here. But it if makes my skin feel and look good, it will be a winner.and stay in my rotation.

Okay, I need to run along. I am wanting another cup of coffee and I am making eggs for brekkie and I am hongry so...

Later, gators.


  1. Enjoy your breakfast, Erika. Sorry about the snow. Try to have a good day anyway. :)

  2. That woman did start it so don't feel guilty. Stupid migraines - they make us do all sorts of things we wouldn't normally do!

  3. Haha, why didn't you just say "excuse me" to the lady in your way at the grocery store instead of waiting for her to notice you? It would have saved you a lot of bs.

  4. At almost 52 in a couple more months, I've suddenly begun looking old in the skin. No amount of water is helping me and I'm a bit blue about it. I'm in an I don't care as it won't help anyway mood of late.

    I don't like being told how to think, feel, or behave by anyone. I tend to be very well behaved myself so to be corrected just guts me.


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