Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good Morning

Up, drinking my coffee and drinking water. Then it is on my glider for two miles/50 minutes. Yes, I have to deviate from the set exercise packets. I have physical reasons for this and I make no apologies. I do what I can. Low impact cardio, upper body exercises with weights. When I am able to get on the floor, I can start with crunches and push ups. Lunges and squats are out of the question, my knees and hips simply can't take the stress. I can't lie on my left side so the side push ups can't happen.

Food and water were on track yesterday. I went online and found out that at a moderate, aerobic level, working out on my glider for 50 minutes burns 880 calories at my weight. 60 minutes would burn 1.053. Pretty respectable.

Okay, time to get to it. Later. :D


  1. Hang in there, Erika and just do the best your can.:)

  2. Hey, Erika, sounds as if you're doing great! Sometimes I do standing push-ups. Usually while I'm waiting on the coffee to brew, pushing my upper body away from the kitchen counter. The further out you stand, the better. My arms are always tight afterwards, so it works to some extent. Just a suggestion.


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