Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aisling, I Love You!!!

And I had no idea you read my blog. And, I don't know how I managed to miss your comment, the last time. And, thank you! It was so simple, so obvious. Such a little thing. And of course, I completely missed it. lol You rock. You rule. Did I mention that I love you? :D

All that drama over a stupid little dot. 

So, dear ones, if any of you have grabbed the old button, please, kick it to the curb and grab this one. It really does work. And I don't have to change my url and I am an idiot. And a drama queen. 

But mostly, I am an idiot. lol

Other than that... A good day. I am almost done (well... sorta) drinking my stupid water. I need to finish it off. 

Okay, I am off. 



  1. Oh, my. It's AISLING!!!! I love you and miss you a whole bunch. I didn't know you read here, either. (Just FYI--I'm zule. Ice Queen got me into this. I even have my own pathetic blog, not nearly as "professional" as her's.)

    IQ, I'm having a lot of trouble getting in to comment on your posts, so don't think I'm ignoring you or haven't read your blog for several days. It's possibly my new MS Office, or the computer, or something with the coding on your page. It worked pretty well today--hope that continues.

  2. I'm glad that solved your little problem :-)

  3. FF, I am hip, sweetie. I never worry if I don't "see" you, as I know that my blog likes to give your puter fits. ;)


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