Friday, March 18, 2011

A Little Comic Relief

Have you guys seen this commercial? It is so sick. And so funny. Turn on your sound, click and giggle. :D

It is official.

I have Spring fever.


I also have Spring allergies, but that is a whole 'nuther bitch fest for another day. ;)

Yesterday was a good day. I ate decently and got all my water. Today is shaping up really well, too. I have some stuff to get done but I just want to go out and play. I'll probably just do my housework and my nails, instead. And see about getting out to the lake, later. A good walk would help treat my Spring fever. :)

Have you ever had a cafe au lait made with almond milk? It is really scrummy. Seriously. Just combine one cup of screaming hot coffee and one cup screaming hot almond milk (I like unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze) in an over sized mug. Sweeten with your fave sweetener or some Torani sugar free syrup. With the almond milk I use it is forty calories. Lovely.

Okay, my water is running through me. A new movie title? The Water Runs Through Her. Yeah... No. Maybe not. :P

Okay. Have a great day, everyone.


  1. Hmm this sounds good, maybe need to try it

  2. I saw that last night and thought it was hilarious. There was another one on though that disturbed me about parents scaring their children with threats because the kids were getting into the parent's jello snacks. Have you seen that one? I'll be surprised if it doesn't get yanked.

  3. I love that commercial, it makes me laugh every time.
    I am gonna have to pick up some almond milk. I was using smart balance, but seems that milk is not gonna work for me right now. So, my co-workers will appreciate the suggestion! :)

  4. Just saw that for the 1st time! Thanks for sharing Erica!

    I just wanted you to know that I read all your posts but I do my reading through Google reader and can't comment from there and my work has a lot of blogs blocked (some not all) Anyways, I am rooting you and and feeling your pain xoxo Be well Miss E :)

  5. It was that last line that made me laugh. That poor guy! LOL Sounds like you had a fab day!


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