Saturday, March 26, 2011

Current Weight


A net one pound loss for two weeks. Hardly stellar. If I go by my fluke weight of 288, two weeks ago. I still think that was largely doe to a fluid dump, especially taking into account my hard bounce.

Whatthefuckever. I am headed in the right direction, again and that, in the long run is all that matters.

Should be another pretty, pretty day here today. It is supposed to get to sixty, today then warm up as the week goes on. Seventy-seven by next Friday. Yeah, baby! I keep seeing stories of the snow socked in mountains in California. Some of the ski resorts are speculating that with the base they have, they can stay open into June, even July. Now, that is a shitload of snow. Next time I start pissing and moaning over eight to twelve inches here, I will have to remember that people in the Tahoe area, for instance are dealing with ten+ feet. And more could very definitely fall.

As you can see, I am playing with my blog settings, again. I just can't seem to leave well enough alone. I like to try new looks, fonts, colours. I want to try it all... And it makes for one crazy ass looking blog that doesn't look the same for long. In fact, I have an idea for background and header... :P Also, I am sure that many of you are relieved I got over the calligraphic text. I liked it but even I found it difficult to read, after a while. I found myself squinting as I read it and that isn't good. I have to battle to keep crows feet at bay as it is... I don't need to be encouraging their encroachment with a hard to read blog!

They guys just took off to go to take themselves and FIL to the barbershop, run a few guy errands, do a little guy shopping, then they are going to take the in laws (or, as Pookie calls them, the Goon Squad) to do their weekly shopping. Since FIL stopped driving, Willy Dog and Pookie... Ya know what? I think, by their nicknames, you have all probably guessed what my husband's and son's names are, by now. What the hell... I am going to just use their names. If they read this (which I doubt will ever happen!) and protest, tough noogies. This is my frakking blog and besides, it isn't going to hurt them or cause them to lose all of their privacy and ruin their lives. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce to you my husband, William and my son, Patrick.

Where was I? Oh, yes. William or Patrick take them out to do their weekly shopping, take them out to do errands and so forth. They live in the same condo complex as we do. There are two two unit buildings, we live in one building, they in the other. After our former common wall neighbour moved out last September, there was talk of moving them in next door. I put the kaibosh on that one really fast. Look, I adore my in laws and we get along pretty well but I don't want to share a common wall with them. We all lived in the same house for almost five years. That was way more than enough togetherness for me, thankyouverymuch. As much as I complain about the new guy next door's booming voice, I don't want my in laws that close, again. They are still close enough that William can be there for them, take them places, help them around their house when they need him, but we have enough space for me to feel comfortable. It works. :)

Okay, I need to run along. I want to hit the bathroom, have another cup of leaded and pound a bowl of oatmeal.

Have a great Caturday, everyone!


  1. I don't even like living in the same state as my in-laws. I'm glad you get along so well. I feel that way about my ex in-laws. They are good people. Dail's family... not so much.

    Enjoy your day, Erika!

  2. Aww, I kind of like the nicknames that people give their spouses and children on their blogs :) I'm pretty boring, though; I think I've only ever referred to my husband as the Hubs, lol.

  3. I never know what I'm going to see when I come to your blog. It's fun. But I'm glad you changed the typeface. It was difficult for these old eyes.

    You did the right thing when you put your foot down about your in-laws. My mother is 3000 miles away, and that's too close. Seriously.

    I'm sorry it's still snowing there. Your weather has been bad this year, really. I can't wait for you to get a true spring. You had a respite for a while, but then it changed back. When it comes permanently, that'll be a relief.

    I think the water dump was a fluke and you've lost more than a pound. JMO. You're going in the right direction, and doing well. It's hard, but you chosen your hard. Way to go!

  4. Thank you for changing the font!! I gained 3 lbs and then lost 2 and Aunt Flo is finally here...thank you Jesus!


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