Saturday, March 26, 2011

And, Later That Day...

Well, the pretty day turned out to be chilly, big puffy clouds pushed by a cold, brisk wind kept covering the sun and it never did warm up that much. Boo, hiss. It is supposed to keep warming up as the week goes on tho.

Food Freak, it isn't snowing here. Thank goodness! And I am hoping that the snow is done for the rest of the season. It can come do it's thing next Winter, if it must. For now, it is Spring.

I ran out to hit CVS, I had a coupon I had to use before today was over so I bought some skin care I needed, some vitamins, body wash and a couple of things for my hair. Including claw clips that aren't big enough to hold all this damned hair of mine. Guess it hasn't thinned as much as I thought it had. *sigh* The packaging already went out to the trash can making returning them not an option, so I'll probably just Freecycle them and go get myself some bigger claws. My hair eats claw clips at a rather alarming rate. I think I am keeping the claw makers in business, by myself. lol Astonishingly, I didn't buy any polish while I was at CVS.

Speaking of polish. I had a little incident, today. Or, should I say... Accident. I went to get my hairbrush out of the little basket on my shelf and I forgot that I had some new polishes lined up in front of the basket, awaiting swatching. When I pulled my brush out, the basket came forward and knocked two bottles off. One broke when it hit the corner of the bottom shelf of my bookcase. The glass exploded and orange polish was all over my broadloom. Gah!!!!! What a mess! Happily, the polish was a lightly pigmented jelly, so cleaning it up wasn't as horrible as it could have been. Imagine if it had been a highly pigmented black creme. I would have been screwed! I used acetone and a couple of pieces of old terry toweling and got it almost all up. I need to get more acetone at Sally's tomorrow and see if I can get the rest up. Then I'll let it dry, again and treat the area with peroxide to bleach any remaining stain and I should be good.Luckily, my broadloom is an ugly greige Berber mottled with a bunch of different colours. They one good thing about this stuff is how it hides dirt and stains. But it is still just typical rental ugly flooring.

I hate broadloom. Seriously hate the shit. It is impossible to keep clean. It stinks. If anything bad hits it, it can be ruined. It is ugly. I wonder at the thought process of the person who first looked at an area carpet and thought, "That would be so fabulous room sized, covering every inch of floor space with a thick pad under it! Then my pets can stink it up, my kids can track mud all over it, I can walk on it with dirty work shoes and my poor lady wife can kill herself trying to keep it clean." I just don't understand how covering your floors with thick fabric is a good thing. *gag*

We are watching Parking Wars. On A&E. Fun show. William especially gets a kick out of it. This episode, they are booting cars in Detroit. Boy, do people get nuts when they get tickets and boots.

Okay, 'nuff nattering, for now.


  1. How did I f that up about your getting snow?? 'Course you know what a space cadet I am.

    Parking Wars sounds highly amusing. Maybe I can catch it in between one of DH's stupid programs, like the soap opera American Choppers. Whatever.

    That was, in my opinion, a catastrophe with the nail polish! Or near one. You're right about the type and color of the polish. GACK! I hope peroxide helps tomorrow. The polish won't bleach, though, because it's not water-soluble, but may after the acetone. . .??

    Your hair is so gorgeous, no wonder it eats claws. Or everything else. What I wouldn't give to have your hair.

    Are you Irish? (Your last name.) Or is it William's last name? Oh, of course I guessed his name, but didn't have a clue about Patrick. Now that's an Irish name!

  2. I rather like carpets...if I didn't have animals, a husband, kids, grandkids...You know the drill. It sure is pretty when it is pristine though. In fact, having hardwood and carpet, I prefer the carpet. Hardwood floors are stunningly beautiful and don't stain (if you are quick on the draw with clean up, that is), but they sure show dust and hair readily. Twice we've had hardwood floors that mildewed from water seepage, once by the door, once by where the dog water bowl was kept. And I'm anal about cleaning up, so I can only imagine it seeped into the cracks and began from the underneath. Druthers? Carpet with no animals or husband. LOL

  3. Hang in there, Erika. I'm sorry about the polish incident. I have those kind of incidents all the time. One might even call me "clumsy" or "accident-prone". I'm glad you were able to get most of it up and I wish you luck getting the rest up. I need to do some serious spot cleaning on our carpets. I hate the thought of it. When the weather is better I'm sure we will just get all the carpets professionally cleaned.

  4. Good God - I hate polish spills. They are sooo annoying! Glad you got it out okay though.


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