Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Random Nattering

I am boring as hell, right now. I don't feel inspired to write. I can't seem to drag a thought out of my head to save my frakking life. I am okay. Eating well and drinking my water. My house is clean, my family and pets are cared for.

I am just... I dunno...

It was another gorgeous day, today. It is supposed to be 74, tomorrow then cool off. There is a possibility for rain and snow, late in the week. Rain is fine. Snow? Do not want.

I am checking in, reading everyone and so forth. Maybe I'll get over this writer's block, soon.

Okay, I am done.


  1. Awesome 74 degrees! :D Time to get out the bike and go for a ride.

  2. You haven't said anything about your hip joints or migraines lately. Have you been doing better, or are you just sick of it all and don't want to talk about it? Of course, I'm hoping for the former, but I fear the latter.

    Don't worry about being the most scintillating writer on blogspot. You're always interesting, no matter what you write. And when you don't write, we get worried. At least if you say a little, I know you're hanging in there!

    Good--your water is on track. That's the hardest thing for me. I haven't drunk the correct amount of water since I first showed up at Allan's. Hate to admit that, but it's true.

    And your food is on track. Once again--congratulations. You're working hard, IQ. I'm impressed. And you've lost SO much weight in such a short period of time. Great going!

  3. Somehow I can relate to what you are feeling. Hoping you wake feeling refreshed today.


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