Thursday, March 24, 2011

Never Frakking Mind!

I tried to change my url. I lost my blogroll and I disappeared off of every ones blogrolls. Ack! I was gone! So, I just changed back to my old url and I am back and I don't think I had outta mess with it, anymore. *sigh* I will figure this all out, one day. I usually manage to figure things out, as I go along, given enough time and determination.

Computer shit drives me insane.

On a stick.

Might as well have lunch, now. I can shower after.


  1. Sorry it didn't work, Erika. I don't remember exactly how I did mine but it wasn't my main blog, it was my spiritual blog that I changed. However, I didn't lose any followers. It has been a while though so I don't remember exactly how I did it.

  2. I've commented on this button etcetera problem before, the basic problem I think is that you don't seem to realise you're missing one very relevant dot between www and fat. The other blog has this, making your URL:s different from each other. If you remove the dot from the button URL, it should point right and there shouldn't be a need to change the whole blog URL.

  3. Aisling, I am going to have to try that. You are probably right... Maybe that is where I went wrong. Thank you. :D

    Karen, it's all good. Hopefully, I now have the solution. lol

  4. Actually, I think you can leave the www out of it completely. For instance I have 3 different url's that go to the same place... If you put any of these in (,, and they would all go to the same place :)

  5. Thank you, Laura. It was all about that stupid dot. My url doesn't have one between the www and fatlikeme. Thanks to Aisling, I now have it right.

    If I only had a brain... lol


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