Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Morning and All is Well

It is going to be a gorgeous day. in the seventies and sunny and beautiful. This is the time of year when Arizona shines. The weather is unmatched. It is warm but the heat hasn't come screaming in on us, there is no humidity (yes, it does get humid in Arizona! lolol) the Summer storm season hasn't begun, yet. I actually like it here, this time of year. I am dying to go to the Valley. I haven't been down there for a long time and the Phoenix Metro area in Spring... The best! I like Phoenix, anyway. this time of year makes it even more alluring.

Food was good, yesterday as was my water. My hips were screaming and I chose to rest them. They feel better, today and I can walk, tonight.

Laura, thank you for the website suggestion. I am going to check it out. :D

Okay, I didn't have a whole lot to natter about. I just wanted to check in. I am going to go open my windows, get some housework done, catch up on all of your updated blogs and I'll talk to you all, later.

Have a great, on track and happy day!


  1. So glad you are having nice weather. I wish I could say the same about here. It is cold and rainy though. Enjoy your day. Arizona sounds great. :)

  2. I loved going through Arizona..... Just loved it!

  3. Still cold here. When I lived in Tucson it never got humid, even in monsoon season. But I did like the weather (though heat is not high on my list) an awful lot. My oldest daughter was born in Tucson...

  4. We woke up to snow and sleet this morning...I long for warm mornings and more SUNSHINE.

    Glad you posted...we worry bout you :)

  5. And just where have you been, my liege?

    I'm sorry that your hips are bad again. I wish like hell they'd get better and stay better. Your migraines, too. You don't deserve this hell of pain. I know plenty of people who do. Let me be the judge, okay?

    Have fun on your walk if your hips can take it. Maybe not so far this time. xo

  6. I continue to read your blogs and I have a confession to make I have given in to the apple and that is even after I painted that painting of the apple in my hand called can I tempt you. I have even gone and ordered an ipad . so so sorry. But I ma finding them better in all respects than windows.


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