Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Night is Right For Fighting

Nope. Sorry. Not fighting. I just really, really wanted an excuse to use that title and since it is Friday night... :P

I had a decent day food wise and a good day water wise. I am retaining fluid like mad. I was up a couple on my scale, this morning. *sigh* Even with Lasix I am puffy. I suck. lol

It is warm, here. It got into the seventies, today and it is warm enough right now that the window is open and the ceiling fan is going. Just a few nights ago, I was shivering and turning on heat. Screwy weather, this time of year.

I learned how to make and offer Grab Me buttons for my blogs. Please, grab one, if you like. :D If anyone is interested in a how to to make and offer your own, let me know in comments and I will do a post on it. It is super easy. Seriously. Super easy. All you need is some basic knowledge of Paint and how to copy and paste and have a photo hosting account, like Photobucket.

Willy Dog is off for three days. Bleargh! He got an extra day off because his birthday was on the seventh. So, rather than just tow days with him underfoot, I get three. Come soon, Monday!

Sooo... What else? Nothing, really. I am being incredibly boring, right now. 



  1. No offense, darlin', but please don't come soon Monday! I so wish I was back to being able to stay home.

  2. This is pretty spectacular for your first button! It looks professionally done :) I taught myself to do mine through YouTube vids and other websites but Wordpress is SO difficult to deal with sometimes - 7 hours later I had one!

  3. You're so good at this art stuff, and you teach yourself how to do it. I'm going to have to beg for your help once I get around to making my blog look better. I like how "clean" it is now, but it'll be time to change soon.

    I'll want your button first since you're the one who got me into this in the first place, you evil woman!! lol


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