Sunday, March 6, 2011

Your Queen Opens Up; ABC's About Me

Okay, I'll play. I have been seeing this ABC's thing floating around the blogs for a while, now. I thought I would get in on the fun, tho to be honest, I don't know how much new information I will be imparting, the way I spill my guts, around here. lol

 Age: 46

Bed size: Queen... Of course! :D

Chore you hate: Washing dishes! Thank heaven for my dishwasher!

Dogs: One. Sabryna, our sweet Aussie cross.

Essential start of your day: Coffee! Without it, I am brain dead, bleary and unable to function.

Fave color: Blue.

Gold or silver: I am a gold girl. :D

Height: 5'7" I wish I were tall like a model. :P

Instruments I play: None. I am, alas, talentless... *weep*

Job title: Mad Housewife.

Kids: One grown son. And no... There will be no more! I am done. :D

Live: Prescott, Arizona.

Mom’s name: Letitia. Everyone calls her Tish. 

Nicknames: Shermie, Khardo, Bitch.

Overnight hospital stays: A couple. When I had my son and when I had surgery.

Pet peeve: Rude people! Good Lord, when did it become socially acceptable for everyone to be so rude?

Quote from a movie: "Release the Kraken!" ~~ Clash of the Titans

Right or left handed: Right.

Siblings: Lots. I am the second eldest of seven.

Time you wake up: six-ish in weekdays, I have been sleeping a little later on weekends, lately.

Underwear: 100% cotton granny panties. They are soft, cool and comfortable. When it comes to my undercarriage, comfort is of the utmost importance. :D

Veg you dislike: Eggplant. And broccoli, lately. I recently made myself sick on it and now I can't stand it.

What makes you run late: Nothing. I am so prompt it is annoying.

X-rays you have had done: Teeth, skull, wrist, elbow, chest, spine. That is all I can think of...

Yummy food you make: Sauteed shrimp in an onion, garlic, soy glaze. (Still working on perfecting the recipe. It is a delicious process.) :D 

Zoo Animal, favorite: Never been to a zoo.

 Well, that was more fun than a bag full of cats, don't you think? If you haven't done this yet, what are you waiting for? Spill your guts. :D

In other news, my ankle hurts! Ow! It isn't "Oh, noes! I need a doc!" sore, just a little unhappy. I'll live. It is a nice morning and I would really love to get out and have a little fun, today. Except for my walk, I have been cooped up and I have cabin fever. Big time.

Tomorrow is Willy Dog's Birthday so I cooked sausages and eggs for him and Pookey. I don't cook like that for brekkie, often. I had oatmeal and coffee. Usually, the smell of sausage gets my tummy rumbling, my mouth watering and my mental I want it! all going but this morning? Nothing. They didn't even smell good to me. I had no desire to try to fit "just one" into my day. Happiness is being over your sausage thing. :D

Something else I realised; when I was out for my walk, yesterday, after my run I was breathing hard, as expected. And for a minute I thought that I didn't like breathing like that. That it was uncomfortable and a little scary. Then it hit me... I used to breathe like that just walking a short distance, or getting up my stairs or taking my usual walk at the lake. I used to breathe so hard that I would be in fear that my lungs would burst, all the time. I no longer do and it is a little disconcerting to breathe that way.

Why do people act like idiots on game shows?


  1. NEVER been to the zoo? OMG... GO... NOW... HAVE FUN!

  2. Never been to a zoo.... By choice? Or just never got around to it?

  3. Can I just say how much I look forward to reading your blog all the time? You just continue to make me laugh and whoop and sometimes - like when you described running just a little - you just fucking kill me. Thanks for letting me have a peek at your world. And here's a big hug from one Big White Granny Panty Wearer to another. Someday we'll both make big old kites from the old granny panties and be shown on the evening news.

    xoxoxoox GP

  4. That was interesting. I learned things about you. I hate squashes of all kinds, except for cucumbers, and even them I don't eat too much. Eggplants look beautiful, but they're too weird to eat.


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