Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Boob Envy

Serious envy.

Of what? You might ask.

The shrinking boobs of my fellow weight loss bloggers, that's what.

I read laments about shrinking boobage and I just want to scream in frustration and envy. My boobs just aren't shrinking all that much. And they are so immense that I keep expecting them to get smaller as the rest of me does. My band size is shrinking. But, after 110 pounds of fat loss, I am still wearing the same fucking cup size!!!!! 


Now, I will grant you, when I started this whole thing, I was overflowing those cups. But still... I expected serious boob shrinkage. I am hoping that as I continue to lose, this will eventually happen. Please! Let it happen!

I need to haul out my sewing kit and take another couple of tucks in my bra band or else my humongous boobs will pull my band up in the back and it will fly up over the back of my head. Like a giant boob wedgie.

Good times.

I have dreams about having a radical, major reduction, one of these days. Literally dream about it. One morning, I woke from one of those dreams, in which I had perky little ta-tas and still had my big old hanging waist length bajongas and I burst into tears.

Yeah. I hate my boobs. An I cup sucks. Big green donkey dicks.

If you have a more petite bust line, get down on your knees and thank your deity of choice.

I am praying that mine will see fit to inspire my insurance company to pay for my reduction, when the time comes.


  1. I hear you. Mine haven't gone anywhere either. 90 lbs. gone & a G cup. I have to strap them down for exercise. This morning I woke up and one was under my armpit, the oter was balancing like a bowl of jelly on my chest.
    Good times indeed.

  2. I finally dropped a cup size after 110 pounds lost so I will keep my fingers crossed that you will drop one too in the next 5 to 10 pounds!

  3. Mine never got smaller no matter how much weight I lost so I got a reduction and insurance paid for it all. Most insurances do now and it's an outpatient in and out surgery. It was easy peasy and I am SO grateful. I HATED my big boobs. HATED!

  4. Aw I feal your pain! I had huge boobs and back problems by 18 to go with it. I was in the same boat that no matter what they would not shrink. So in 2004 I had a breast thing ever! My back problems were gone almost right away and I could actually work out (I had a very hard time before) I became a runner and all together have dropped 60 pounds....something else also happened......after the reduction I was still a large C cup...I asked for smaller but the doctor would not. With all the running and total weight loss I am now a SMALL B cup (and that is pushing it)....Moral of the story....they will eventually go....they always do, just everyone is so obviously different and yours will get smaller when they are ready!

  5. Oh my gosh, Jen! I almost died laughing when I read your comment. Boy, can I ever identify.

    Draz, I think that I will feel the same way, when I get mine.

    Cupcake, I am so glad that there is hope. You have given me a glimmer of hope. <3

  6. well be careful what you wish for, mine are gone gone gone and i miss them sometimes. I went from a DD to a B and it is quite an adjustment.
    What exercises are you doing? Mine really began to go away when I started running and strength training especially the chest muscles.

  7. I wore a triple J and got a breast redux at 18 and they took 2 POUNDS of fat out of each boob- that's how big my bajonga's were. Best decision I've ever made. I would do it again in a second and recommend it highly.



  8. When I worked for the federal family planning program, I taught women how to do self breast exam. Breasts are marvelous--so variable! Women who'd had augmentation were usually pretty happy in the beginning, but many had the implants removed after a time, mostly out of fear hyped by the media. But every single woman who had a breast reduction was thrilled, never regretted it, and said it was one of the best things they'd ever done in their lives.

    Some had bone changes from the bra straps digging in to hold all that breast fat up. Nearly all had terrible back trouble. They could never find clothes to fit, even separates. I felt for them. You'll love it if you get one. I'm just about certain your insurance will pay.

    It's rude, but women have asked me if I mind having such small breasts. I have no idea why a person would ask such a personal question. But I have to admit that I've never wanted big boobs--I guess I wasn't well-socialized to the female role in this culture. After seeing all those women with abnormally large ta-tas, I am even happier without big ones. Too much hassle and physical pain.

    Good luck!

  9. I'm not thanking any deity for my lovely C cups; I'm thanking my surgeon. I was wearing an "I" cup before she got out the scalpel.

  10. sorry your boobs are boobilicious. mine just keep getting flatter and flatter. before i reproduced? i had a perfect c-cup rack. but now? nothing says "play with me" like a pancake tittyfest.


  11. Not quite as large as some of you ladies (I'm in DD right now and used to be a nice C). Still, it would take a winch to hoist these suckers and I'm wondering when they began to point towards the ground? Not pretty.

  12. I went from a DD to a D but am now way saggier, thank God for a good bra!

  13. Hey you guys, your comments are very funny.......

    In last six months I lost 10 pounds.

    Comparatively, my boobs also lost the same percentage.

    I feel I am lucky one...

  14. Oh I love a great boob discussion. Mine right now are out of control I am still nursing my second. But I know in a few weeks after I am done weaning my daughter I know what is in store for me...saggy deflated boobs for a few months while my body adjusts. I am in the process of loosing what will hopefully be 80 pounds, I told my hubby that once I get to my goal weight and maintain it if my girls dont look a hot as i want them to...I am getting them nipped and tucked! I feel that if i girl looses 80 pounds and works her ass of (literally to get there) that I should have some nice boobies to match that ass!


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