Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Frakking Cat Bit Me

He didn't chomp down hard, but that little fucker knows better. He seems to be in a weird mood, tonight. He keeps pinballing around the house, clawing at my sofas (something else he knows better than to do!) and just acting like a psycho kitty. I wonder what he has been smoking? lol

It's been a pretty good day... I am on track with calories and water. And I am not being crazy or struggling so I am counting it as a good day. :)

I am thinking of changing my blog url (which I do know how to do). Somehow, Blogger allowed me to register with an already in use url and when I try to do something like set up a button to my blog, it directs to that other blog, instead. Stupid, in the extreme. What I want to know, if anyone happens to know, is if my followers and those with my blog on their blogroll will still be directed to my blog, with it's new url or will I have to let people know I changed it? And, if I do, how do I go about it? Has anyone done this? Is it easy or difficult? I can't do anything too techie...  :P

Let's see... Anything else on my mind?

Not really.

I think I wrung myself out, the past couple of days. :P


  1. I think you can change it under settings and profile, Erika and I think the followers will still be linked to your blog no matter what you change the url to. I change the url on one of my blogs and everything seems to be fine there.

  2. Thanks, Karen. I might just go ahead and try it. :D

  3. totally unrelated to your post but the title really caught my attention! lol. you might appreciate this movie poster i made :)

  4. If you need help, let me know. I think it's in the coding on your button and not the blog URL. Every page on the WWW has a different url, so you shouldn't have to change it.
    Good luck!


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