Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Like a Lion

Happy March, lovies. :D

I am not neglecting my blog. I am just not feeling overly chatty and when I get like this, I just don't post much. I am okay with food and water, after a somewhat rough weekend. I didn't binge or blow it out or anything but I didn't stay at 1200. I am so mad at myself. It seems that since September I am just treading water. Dog paddling a little then treading water, again. Barely keeping my head above water. And it is so stupid. I am fully capable of doing so much better, losing so much faster, powering through. It is bullshit and it needs to stop.

Other than that, not too much that is noteworthy, around here. Life is day to day. I do my thing and get through. :)

So, WTF on The Biggest Loser?  Sending Arthur home? Are those people on the red team that fucking stupid? Are they that easily led? They are still buying this "Your team is your family" bullshit. And they are still letting Justen lead them around by the nose and control the game. Wake up, people! Kaylee should have been sent home. Her percentage of weight loss is the lowest, week after week. She is closest to her goal. But the sheep just follow the evil, bearded shepherd and baaa-baaa as he tells them how to live, how to vote, how to feel. They deserve what is coming to them. Steady annihilation at the hands of Roulon and Justen. I really need to lower my expectations and just stop thinking that these people get it.

Oh well. Why do I give a shit? Seriously. If these people are willing to be lead around by the nose, that is their problem. Not mine.

Lordy. I have to pee, again. :P


  1. My thoughts exactly but the lure of money makes the line between right and wrong fuzzy apparently. I was annoyed too.

  2. Hey you may be dog paddling but you're not swimming towards Obesity Island where we all have lived forever. Hang in. And fuck those people on Biggest Loser. I hate reality TV producers because they mess with people's lives. XOXOXOXOXOOXO Yer Pal on the Giant Fat Loss Swim O' Life, GP

  3. Love the post above from Big White Granny Panties..not swimming towards Obesity it!!!

    And I agree btw. Sometimes it takes as much energy to hold the course as it does to race to the finish - hang in there - this will change and you will be on the losing road again.

  4. I've never seen the show so haven't a clue, darlin'. Hoping today finds you with your game face on and a new resolve. You are one strong mama so I know you'll do whatever you set your mind to doing.

  5. It's the same way on Survivor. Some people are just sheep. They deserve what they get when their alliance "leader" screws them over, you know? Because he definitely will.

    I'm sorry you're feeling so low. Please don't. As the song goes: Pick yourself up; dust yourself off, start all over again. You lost 100 lbs.!!! Can you imagine what a triumph that is? You'll do the next 50 or 30, too. Don't aim for the whole road. Aim for a month from now. You can do this!!!

  6. I just finally caught up on the past few episodes of BL today and couldn't agree with you more. Yeah, send home the one person who needs to be there more than anyone else?! Ugh!


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