Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April!

Sorry, not going to even attempt a lame April Fool joke. I suck at it. :P

It is a gorgeous day, here. We are expecting a high of eighty-four today. It is already in the mid seventies. I am loving it. I know that a lot of you are getting punked by the weather, this fine April morn and I hope that things clear up and warm up for you, real soon.

I am eating well, today (too much popcorn, yesterday... *shame*) and have a lot of my daily water down. The house is clean, mostly thanks to William. He did most of the cleaning early this morning while I was trying to wake up and was swilling coffee and being lazy on my computer. I am doing laundry, now. I am doing two loads, this morning and will do the other two tomorrow. William took today off, since he has time he needs to use or lose and he took the in laws out to do their thing, leaving me alone, in peace. Just me and the furbags are home.

I found the most useful app for my Android phone. It is called Simple Calorie Count. It is elegant in it's simplicity; it is as easy to use as a pen and paper and it adds everything up for you as you use it. It will also compute deficits from exercise, but I haven't tried out that feature, yet. Now, I can keep my food journal with me, at all times without hauling a notebook along for the ride. If you have a Droid powered phone, you might enjoy this app. It can be found in the Android Market.

Okay, I guess that is all I have to yammer about, at the moment. I am going to read your blogs and see what everyone is up to. 


  1. I don't understand cell phones in any way, so Android is way beyond my capability. But is Android a type of phone, like an iPhone, or is it a program? It certainly sounds like science fiction. What's better about it that you got it even though iPhone is the most popular (isn't that so?? Or not?)?

    Why do you know so much, eh?

  2. Heh heh! FF, I don't really know all that much. Not really. Android is an operating platform, like iPhone. There is another one, too but I can't remember the name...

    Smart phones aren't the big scary. Really, they are so easy to get to know. Once you get the hang of the basics, a lot of it is very intuitive. One thing leads to another to another. It is easier, for instance to send a text message on a smartphone than a regular cell phone. Smartphones are also easier to take and send pics from, make calls with...

    Anyhoozle. If I can learn to hang with one, anyone can. Trust me. :D

    I have never used an iPhone, tho from what I have read, they are pretty great. I just opportunity to get the droid and I really like it. :D


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